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How to make a witches broom

Updated on October 16, 2015

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Items needed for this project

Hot glue and glue sticks

20 oz soda bottle

Pkg of gold glitter pipe cleaners

Broom handle or paint roller adapter handle (wood)

Or a dowel rod

Black acrylic paint or black spray paint and various acrylic paints for designs

Putting the broom together

Cut the top of the 20 oz bottle about 2 inches.

Hot glue the inside ridge of top of bottle,also glue about an inch of the bottom of broom around.

Immediately push top onto broom bottom and hold in place

When glue has totally dried(takes about a couple of minutes) glue each pipe cleaner from the top of neck to the entire length of bottle(2 inches)

Glue the next pipe cleaner against the other

Keep gluing pipe cleaners until you reach all the way around. Bend the pipe cleaners to different shapes

Take about a dozen more pipe cleaners and hold them together and bend one end of all 12.

Place the bent end inside the bottle and hot glue all around to adhere the stack of pipe cleaners in the middle of bottle

Once dried, spread these pipe cleaners out to give a more appearance of broom sticks.

Paint your broom black. You can add orange pumpkins or cats with orange acrylic if you like.

Paint the edge of bottle where the edge of pipe cleaners are glued. This gives the appearance of it being burnt from her high speed travel using her nitrous oxide.

Have fun and be safe this Halloween. Be careful with scissors and hot glue, and most of all have fun.

Repeat of these instructions in following video.

Making a witches broom


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