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How to make an easy but effective 3D paper snowflake. A great Christmas decoration for the family to make.

Updated on December 15, 2013

Every year me and my daughter make a Christmas decoration. It is a tradition in my house, and one that I love because it is always quality time spent with my daughter but it also helps us get into the festive mood.

Every year we get out the decorations we have made down the years and use them to decorate our house. These range from Christmas tree decorations to a snowman model we made, from the angel on top of the tree (with a picture of my daughers face on it) to a Santa model to sit alongside the snowman.

It's a day I always look forward to come December.

Last year we made this 3D snowflake, which looked really effective on the patio doors. People could see it from the road that is close to our house and it looked good.

I came to asking my daughter this year what she wanted to do and she wasn't sure. She did surprise me though by bringing out a 3D snowflake that she had made by herself and shown her friend what to do. She had remembered how to create it from the previous year - something that I have to admit I hadn't. She then showed me, and I thought it would be great to show you how to make this great Christmas decoration.

Equipment needed:

  • 6 pieces of A4 paper/card (Colours are up to you)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Glue

The pictures within this hub are taken by my daughter as she explained to me what to do. I wrote the instructions down as she did this. She did a very good job so I thought it best to include them here.

So how do I make a 3D snowflake?

The first thing you should always do before making something is to get all your equipment ready and prepared. This is easy to do with this snowflake as you don't need much.

  • First take one of the A4 pieces of paper and fold one of the corners over to create a triangle shape.
  • Cut off the excess paper, so you are left with just the triangle shape.
  • Next you should cut from the folded edge of the paper, parallel up to the tip of the triangle, making sure you stop around 5cm from the other edge.
  • Then you need to do the same on the other side. (You should notice that by leaving a 5cm gap then the two strips you cut will not meet and therefore the snowflake will stay together)
  • You need to repeat this another 3-6 times. Don't forget to leave a gap between the two strips where you cut so you don't cut it off.

  • Once you have cut all the strips then you need to open the triangle out to leave the original square shape.
  • Take the middle points and fold them back so they touch and glue into place.
  • Turn the square over and repeat for the next two points.
  • Turn back to the original side and repeat for the next two points.
  • Carry on doing this procedure until you have glued each of the points together. (Alternating from one side of the snowflake to the other to create a 3d shape.)

  • An alternative way to do this, and the one my daughter suggested was to fold every other point together on one side, sticking them down as you go.
  • Then you can turn the snowflake over and fold and stick the remaining points together.
  • This is quicker to do, but if you are doing this with younger children I would recommened the above method so you do not confuse them.)

No matter which method you chose to make the section of the snowflake you will have to repeat all these instructions so you have a total of six sections.

These sections can be any colour you wish - personally I think a white snowflake looks very good but you may want to decorate them any way you wish.

  • Place the six sections of the snowflake into a circle. (Like the spokes of a bike)
  • Next staple these together to secure the middle of the snowflake together.
  • After this is done they you will need to secure the individual parts together by stapeling the middle of the sections where they meet.

How can you make them different?

There are plenty of ways you can make this different to suite your family needs or style. Here are a few ideas:

  • Pick out two of your favourite colours and alternate the snowflake sections to create a wonderful design.
  • Or you could make each section a different colour and make a very colourful snowflake design
  • You could glue some glitter onto the paper before you start the design to make it sparkle more. (It might be better to glue it on after although this may be more difficult to do, at least it means you won't get glitter everywhere when you start.)
  • Use multicolour card to create your snowflakes. These are easily purchased from any good hobby craft store.
  • Create a more 3D effect by stapling more sections to your design, maybe coming out from the middle all the way around, and you can do it from the back too. Making a ball shape instead of a circle shape.

Last of all - have fun.

Which ever way you chose to make your snowflake you will have fun doing it. It is as easy as you make it, but can be challenging for older children too depending on how fancy you want to make it.

Here is a tutorial of how to make it from you tube.

Another idea for a paper snowflake with older children

Making decorations can be done with all the family so I have included this snowflake if your older children think it is too easy and want more of a challenge.

There are other snowflakes that you can make, but this has more scissor work and so is better for older children

Again this I would use for older children to give them more of a challenge but it does look really good once you have completed it.


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    • hazeltos profile image

      Susan Hazelton 23 months ago from Summerfield, Florida

      I love these stars. Your instructions are so easy to understand. I am putting on favorites to try for next Christmas.

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 3 years ago from Upstate New York

      Your instructions were careful and thorough. It worked! I couldn't believe it because I'm the original clutz. The great thing about it also was that I didn't have to buy anything special to make this. It's now hanging on my door, and looks great. Thank you so much.