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How to make diaper cakes with decorating tips

Updated on February 18, 2012
How to make diaper cakes
How to make diaper cakes | Source

Make your own baby shower diaper cake, centerpiece or table decoration. Perfect for a baby shower, hospital visit or welcome new baby home! Great gift for new mom. Learn how to make this creative gift with detailed step by step instructions. This tutorial also includes instructions on making washcloth roses to decorate your creation.

Diaper cakes are easy to make!

You can get all of ingredients at a local baby supplies and craft stores.

This is what you need:

1. Diapers size 1 (8 to 14lb). Newborn diapers are very tiny, and a lot of babies grow out of them very fast, some never wear them at all. Size 1 is ideal, because it will fit most babies the longest (average baby weighs 7lb at birth). Small babies will grow into them, the bigger babies will not outgrow them too soon. Mommy can also enjoy the cake a little longer before she has to take it apart. Tip: When it comes to the brand of diapers, it is very much a matter of preference, however Pampers Swaddlers are best to use in the diaper cake because of their white color, many others have printed designs which may not match the look you are going for.

2. Ribbon - any color and width of your choice. Cake shown in this tutorial is made with 1 1/2" ribbon for decoration, and 3/8" white ribbon to hold diapers together. Tip: wider ribbon looks better than thinner, but if the ribbon is too wide it hides too much of the diaper.

3. Safety pins

4. Rubber bands

5. For cake decoration you will need baby washcloths, you can also use baby socks, bodysuits, blankets, pacifiers, etc... to create your own unique look.

6. Cake plate or Cake board and a doily to display your beautiful creation.

7. You can wrap your diaper cake in cellophane or white tulle for that extra special touch.


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