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Cute beaded earrings... How to make?

Updated on August 5, 2016



Beads and beading

When I saw beads for the first time, I liked them and even if I didn't know how to make anything with them. Than I was thinking, why shouldn't I try to make something out of it. There sure must be some tutorials somewhere. So, I went to internet and search, how to make cute beaded earrings. Many pictures were shown and many video's. But they didn't fell to my eyes. Than I found these gorgeous cute beaded earrings and I had to learn how to make them. So, I started. I was watching video several times, prepared my beads and tools and stop video in every few seconds. That's how i learned and how i remembered the tutorial. Well, I must say, that I don't need video anymore, because now even my mind is free and I create by my imagination.


Beaded earrings

When I saw video's of this girl, I was fascinated. She can do so many things. And these really are gorgeous things, from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, to pendants and other beaded things. Her name is Aleshia Beadifulnights. I'm pretty sure that if you learn from her video's, that you'll learn it the best. So, I decided to show you first cute beaded earrings that I learned from her. She calls them ''Hugs and kisses'' earrings.

What you'll need? Well, I used (for both earrings):

- 0,25 mm fishing line,

- 6 pearl beads 6mm (I used orange color),

- 8 pearl beads different colour than before 6mm (I used green color),

- 2 beads 8mm (I used white/orange bead, but you can choose whatever color you want and it can also be round shape - well, mine isn't round),

- 4 6aught seed beads (I used metal beads),

- 11 aught seed beads (I used black color),

- beading needles (if you work easyer with them - I use them usually, not all time),

- pliers (cutter for cut the wire or fishing line, pliers for twisting coils and loops and long nose pliers with smooth jaws for shaping, squeezing and similar),

- 2 jump rings,

- 2 earring hooks and

- 2 earring backs.

Help in pictures


How to make them...

Take the fishing line and start - you must have long fishing line, at least 2,5 feet long.

Take one 11 augh seed bead (I used pink), one 6mm bead (I used light pink pearl), one 11 augh seed bead, one 6mm different color (I used white pearl) and one seed bead.

Take other side of fishing line and go through first 6mm bead you added before (light pink pearl), through seed bead, another 6mm (white) and last sead bead - same direction as with first end of fishing line. Put your ends together and bring beads down - so you have dangle.

Add 4 seed beads on each needles (i will write left and right needle if you use needle on fishing line. If you don't, you'll know which is left and which is right), add 6mm bead (white pearl) and criss-cross through this bead both needles. Bring it down.

Add one seed bead on each needle, than add one 6mm (I used light pink pearl) on each needle and another 6mm different color (I used cristal) and cross through the last bead (crystal one).

Add one 6mm (I used light pink pearl) and one seed bead, than take one 6mm bead (I used white pearl) and cross through it.

Take right needle and go back down the seed bead and 6mm (light pink one). Then you're in the middle of both light pink 6mm beads. Do the same on the other side.

Add 6 aught seed bead (I used 4mm pink bead) on both needles. With right needle go down through the 6mm (light pink), seed bead and through 6mm bead (white one). Do the same on the left side.

Take both needles, pull them and tight them up.

Take 2 seed beads (I used 4 pink) on each needle and take them down, than take one seed bead (I used white) and cross through it, add 4 more seed beads (pink) on each needles and take them down. With left needle go through those 6 augh seed beads on the left side and do the same on right side.

So, it looks more tighty if you flip the earring over and now go on on the other side.

So, pick up 4 seed beads on each needle (pink), add one seed bead (white), cross through it and add 2 seed beads (I took 4, pink) on each string and slide them down.

Than go through the 6mm (white) bead with both needles. Pull the needles and tight it up.

Now you have to add the loop for the earrings hook. Now, take 10 seed beads on the left needle (pink) and cross through all ten with right needle. Than cross both needles through 6mm bead (white) and pull to tight the loop.

To continue, flip the earring and start adding 2 seed beads on each needle (I used 4, pink) and slide them down. Take one seed bead (white) and cross it. Than add 4 more seed beads (pink) on both needles and take them down. Left needle goes through left side 6 augh seed bead and right needle goes through right side 6 augh seed bead.

Flip earring again.

Add 4 seed beads (pink) on each needle and take them down. Add one seed bead (white) and cross it. Take 2 seed beads (I used 4, pink) and bring them down. Cross the 6mm bead (white) with both needles. Pull both needles to tight it up.

Now you're ready to tie the knots.

Left needle goes through 11 augh seed bead (between white and light pink) and right needle goes through right 11 augh seed bead (between white and light pink). With left needle go underneath the fishing line between 11 augh seed bead and 6mm bead, make a loop and go through the loop twice. Do the same on the right side.

Than take left needle and go through the 6mm bead and make another knot as before between 6mm bead and 6 augh seed bead (make a loop and go through the loop twice). Same on the other side.

Take left needle and go through 6 augh seed bead and make a knot between 6 augh seed bead and 6mm bead - same on the other side.

Than go through the last 6mm bead and again make a loop between 6mm and 11 augh seed bead and same on other side.

Cross through the 6mm (white) with both needles.

For finnish just go with left needle through all side beads, till you come through 11 augh seed bead below and same on right side. Make another knot like before and cross through the 6mm bead.

With left needle go through 4 seed beads below and cut the fishing line. Do the same on right side and you're almost finnished.

Take the earring hooks, open them with pliers and put them on the loop you made for hooks. Close the hooks and your earrings are finnished.

Hugs and kisses beaded earrings


How to make cute beaded earrings?

Will you try to make them?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thank you for sharing!

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 

      5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      I really appreciate items that are made by hand because it makes them all the more special and beautiful, like your earrings. Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing your step by step method with us. Take care. (Voted up)

    • Kathryn Stratford profile image


      5 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      These are very pretty! I have a part time job at a craft store right now, so I may buy the items and try this. I like how you give the step by step directions, and show so many photos.

      Voted up and sharing.

    • Wonder wool profile image

      Priyanka Estambale 

      5 years ago from United States

      Beautiful , Pretty earrings!! Will surely try to make at least 1 of them. Thanks for sharing!!


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