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How to make easy paper pop up - A flying bird pop up instructions

Updated on September 18, 2013


Paper pop ups are very interesting form of paper craft and people like us are nothing as compared to the genius in pop up architecture Paul Jackson. Artists like Paul Jackson are truly inspirational.This bird also is his creation and I saw the image while surfing the images on Google, I found this one very interesting and with just that image I created my version for my child and luckily I was able to make one and decided to share. Paul Jackson is a great pop up artist and i am totally inspired by his work. Pop up architecture is the name given to the works that these artists do because their pop ups and paper crafts are truly amazing. His books are easily available on amazon.

I myself do a lot of paper crafts like bamboos, paper beads, greeting cards, envelopes, pop ups, gift boxes, decoupage, quilling etc and I like all of them and forget about the painting side which is my actual work.

In this hub you will learn how to make 3d paper pop up of a flying bird which will look as if it is flying on the clouds. Easy to make in few simple steps but some basic understanding of paper pop ups will help you to get a better finish. Pop up or 3d paper craft is something that stands out and gives a more realistic look. These are often very easy to make but they look difficult. The same thing is with this particular bird pop up because after completing one piece I realized that it was so simple to make. I even converted this one as an invitation card for a birthday party and kids loved it.

Materials required

Materials required to make this 3d pop are very few,

All you will need is an A4 size pastel sheet of any color or use A3 size sheet if you wish to have a bigger size bird.

Pencil, eraser, and scissors,

If you wish to work further on your bird like if you want to make feathers etc then arrange different color papers in bright colors. Waste small paper pieces will be alright here or use the fake feathers if you have those at home.

Fold and draw
Fold and draw
Cut the continuous lines
Cut the continuous lines
Fold towards front and back
Fold towards front and back
Push the bird inside
Push the bird inside

How to make 3d paper bird- Instructions

So let us see what all needs to be done to make this 3d paper bird,

STEP 1 - Keep A4 size sheet flat on table and fold it into half, I have used pastel sheet here because these are hard and will prevent the bird from falling down and end result will be 5 times better.

STEP 2 - Draw half of the bird on the folded side which is the left side and fold is called the manifold, as seen in the image. Just see how the beak is drawn straight and half.The dotted line here is the only folding line and this is the only part that joins the clouds with the bird, as there will be no other folds in this pop up. All other lines drawn are the cutting lines.

STEP 3 - Leaving the dotted folding line cut all the pencil lines including the tail feathers drawn using scissor.

STEP 4 - After cutting just fold the dotted line once towards front and then back as seen in the image. This is done to get a proper push when the bird will be pushed inside.

STEP 5 - Now try to push the bird inward from its folding line. Press it firmly, here the change that has happened is that the center fold line which was the main fold of the bird has now become the inward fold. See the image for reference.

STEP 6 - All is done, now pick the pop up and keep it in a standing position on the table and slowly open the clouds part, you will see that your pop up is done well and your bird is flying.

Final pop up
Final pop up

Finishing - Add feathers or write message

You can add colors or add feathers or draw the eyes of the bird or do whatever you wish to. If you want to use this one as a greeting card then add your message inside. Another idea is to make these birds in different sizes and keep them in one line. Rest all creativity is yours so use this the way you want.

So you have seen that it looks so good and at the same time too easy to make. A little practice on pushing the outside fold inside is required, rest all is easy. am coming up in my next article on how to make paper feathers, so that will certainly help you. Thanks and enjoy making these lovely birds.


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    • profile image

      likitha 3 years ago

      i am an Indian . i like crafts very much and i always try to make different crafts. thank's for sharing your thoughts.

    • rudra007 profile image

      Veenoo 4 years ago from India

      Thanks Chitrangada for noticing, the best thing about paper craft is that it is most easily available and kids love these little crafts.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      This looks very interesting and creative!

      I have done lot of paper craft, when my kids were small and really enjoyed it. Will try this one too with your clear step by step instructions and pictures.

      Thanks for sharing!