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Make Cheap Flyer's and Posters

Updated on April 10, 2011

Produce your own artwork

Many of you may have wondered why my hub production has slowed down in recent days, as you can see from the following photographs I have been hard at work behind the scenes. Yes, I am building a new website to review culture in my home city, this includes bands, DJs, interviews, artwork and fashion. In the following article I am going to discuss the processes I went through in order to make some basic flyer's and posters with original eye-catching illustrations, maybe I should stress you need some artistic talent to achieve what I have.

Although the characters are quite abstract, I have thickened the outlines to make them more iconic and visable from a distance. Imagery is what draws the viewer in, how many times have you been in your hometown and seen those big bright neon posters advertising some nightclub and turned away thinking 'oh no its one of those intrusive 'non-artistic' commercial event posters?' well this is what I was trying to avoid.

This is more of a cost effective guide, mixed in with efficiency and my own personal techniques. I like to draw the characters by hand because I have produced my own graffiti art on canvas and I felt this images were relevant to the music and culture venture. I used a black marker, fine liners and a ruler to achieve crisp and sharp images and then scanned them in, you can always edit them using Adobe Illustrator afterwards. It also allows you to create original typefaces without faffing about in Adobe illustrator, especially if your a novice to this program which I believe many people are.

As you can see I played around with different ways of spelling the word Culture but stuck with the original correct spelling.
As you can see I played around with different ways of spelling the word Culture but stuck with the original correct spelling.


Celtic typeface was used to created the letter's NC
Celtic typeface was used to created the letter's NC
My city Newport
My city Newport

Next I proceeded to compile my flyer designs in adobe photoshop, using a combination of my own typefaces, Photoshop default typefaces and by using a font website I had heard about from a friend. This site is called and includes not only a wide selection of truetype formatted fonts, but also icons such as the section of tape cassette and Celtic imagery I have used to create a post modernist design. One thing I experimented with when printing off my flyers was to use different coloured paper, it is inexpensive and can save you ink, and can produce a co-ordinated colour contrast when bold and light tones are used together. A packet of 75 sheets of mixed colours only cost me 99 pence at my local post office.

I also used 'word-play' with the word Newport? I don't know what the graphic design term is for what I did here but I thought it subtracts the word 'New' and emphasizes that I am bring something to my audience, who are young people who want to be associated with the latest craze.


Posters and Stickers

To finalised this article, I have included photos of the posters and stickers I have created so far, I plan to 'do the rounds' of particular small shops in my city this Friday and ask for them to display my poster in return for me mentioning them on my site. One other suggestion from a friend was to try printing on brown paper for that 'urban/organic' feel, I used brown envelopes because they were easy to cut with a craft knife.

I am also going to hand out the flyer's at the nightclubs we usually attend, also disperse my stickers in various spots. I have only included the photograph of my 'male' character above, but i also have a female character which I have been unable to print yet due to lack of ink, this is going to go on pink coloured paper which came in the packet of mixed paper. After running out of ink I remember a site my friend told me about called which could of saved me a heck of alot of cash, but now I will remember, its only 3 pounds a cartridge and the brand of ink doesn't really matter for black and white flyer's.

I thought it was a good investment to buy some 'heavy duty' stickers, they are labels supplied by the office brand 'Avery' and cost around 20 pounds online. You get 20 A4 sheets each with 2 large labels on, this works out as 40 stickers. I have seen A4 sheets with 1 large sticker on but these should suffice for me at the moment. I will also purchase some low quality labels to produce cheaper stickers but I figured these will last longer in nightclub walls where I have seen existing logos because they are weatherproof tear proof and oil/dirt resistant. i might also add that these labels are designed for a laser printer, so if you have an inkjet these will not work, maybe you could try an office suppliers to print your lables for you, they offer 40 labels for 10 pounds provideding you have already purchased the heavy duty paper.

I hope this artcile has been of use to someone looking to promote a website, small business or nightclub, it is also good to keep track of the work I am doing so I have a reference when my work space is cluttered.


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