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How to Organize Your Locker at School

Updated on September 16, 2019

Does all schools have lockers?

Not all the schools in Malaysia have lockers, it's usually seen only for certain international schools. Though I do know that most schools outside my country provides lockers for students. Despite that, I had the chance to use a locker that my class bought together from my first school in Kuala Lumpur before transferring to Penang.

The lockers we had has a limited space, plus teachers in school will make chekcs from time to time to make sure that our lockers are neat and tidy.

Therefore, us students have to organize our lockers at school to have enough space to store most of our books and stationery.

1. Use an index card on the door of your locker

Storing books in a locker is really useful as it reduces the load on your shoulders you have to carry everyday in school. However, when you store books inside, it can be hard to find certain books or notes, especially when you are in a rush.

An index card can remind you of what books you have inside the locker, and it is best to put your books according to the index card, so that you are able to find books quickly just by glancing at the index card. Be sure to update the index card too, so that you will not be confused when finding a new book you put in the locker.

Index cards

Index cards does not need to be super cute or fancy, just a scrap paper will do nicely enough. Efficiency is the key.

2. Leave unnecessary books at home

In my years of studying, some teachers are able to teach their lessons without the use of a textbook thanks to modern technology. Therefore, storing unused books in a locker with limited space is really just a waste of storage. To prevent this, confirm with your teachers at the start of the year which textbooks are not needed and leave them at home instead. But make sure to remember to bring them to school if the teacher needs it.

Forgotten textbooks

I'm a forgetful person, so I tend to forget to bring a certain book to school when the teacher needs it. I learned that checking your school bags and books shelves one more time is a good method for preventing cases like this.

3. Ring binders are a student's Best Friend

In my school, not everything is written down in a piece of paper. Some teachers print their notes for students instead. It is much more easier though it sometimes is a waste of paper to me.

Paper notes like these can get lost really easily or get crumpled up if you don't put them away nicely. To solve this problem, let me introduce my good study friend- a ring binder. Some people might say that it is a waste of space, but trust me, buy the files that does not have a solid frame. Just a simple file or ring binder is enough to make sure that your notes are neat, tidy and of course, complete.

Colour code

Ring binders come in many different colours, so putting notes in specific coloured files helps a lot when you study in class. For example, put math notes in Red file, chemistry in Purple file and etc.

A type of file I used

A file like this is enough to store many notes for a long time.
A file like this is enough to store many notes for a long time. | Source

4. Vertical or Horizontal?

I personally put my books vertically because I can take out my books easily. But some of my friends put their books horizontally because they are able to read the tittles of the books. I prefer putting them horizontally because you can still stack up some books on top of the lower books and this gives me more storage. Plus, some books have different lengths than the others so putting them horizontally does not give any extra space for more.

Up to you

How you put your books is actually just based on personal preferences. This is just my two cents about this particular bullet point. However you put your books is strictly up to you, as long as you are comfortable with it.

Conclusion & My opinions about lockers

This is how I organise my lockers. I do hope that it is helpful to all students with a messy locker problem.

My opinion about lockers in school is that all schools that have money for it should really spend it on lockers. This is because a lot of students face back problems at a young age due to carrying a heavy bag everyday to school. With the convenience of lockers, many students are able to benefit from it. It can teach students tidiness too!

Does your school have lockers?

If yes, tell me about your locker experiences in the comment box below, I would love to hear about your opinions on locker organising!

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© 2019 Naomi Qii


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