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How to remove links from Wordpress Footer?

Updated on March 1, 2012

Wordpress Website


Working on a Wordpress Website Footer

How to remove links from a wordpress footer?

Do you have a Wordpress Website and need to know how to edit the Footer?

I wanted to write this article while the process is still fresh in my head. The other day, I was working on a Wordpress website and I noticed an unfamiliar link in the footer that wasn't supose to be there. It appeared out of no where. I knew I didn't put the foreign link in the footer and so I asked the website owner if he did it. His reply was "no I didn't put that link there, please remove it."

Well I researched many articles, forums and Wordpress videos on Youtube trying to find out how to edit a wordpress footer. Some of the tutorials were very helpful so I proceeded in doing what they said. This may be your problem as well so I will list the steps on editing a Wordpress Footer below. However, keep in mind there may be an extra step that isn't mentioned in the other Wordpress Footer articles. I will also tell you this helpful step below. I seriously thought there was a hacker that put in hidden links, so I wanted this Footer link removed asap.

1. First step that most other Wordpress Footer articles tell you is to go to your Wordpress Theme Editor after logging into your wordpress website. How do you go to the Wordpress Theme Editor? Go to appearance and then editor via your wordpress dashboard. This is something I kept reading and trying over and over again but wasn't able to find the editor after going to Appearance in Wordpress dashboard. So I went to the plugin updates and then the Theme Editor appeared on the left side of the dashboard. Try each step above to find your Theme editor in Wordpress.

2. Second step is to find your themes Footer.php coding. Check this coding to see if you see the footer information you want to edit. Keep in mind, this coding may be hard to read if you are not familiar with php. You may also have to access your control panel and go to your Wordpress Default Theme, then to your footer.php file to edit your footer. Remove any links that are not suppose to be there. But make sure you save a copy of the original footer code just in case you don't know what you are doing. If there are any problems with your website after the footer code was removed, you can always just paste the original footer code back.

I actually created a new footer.php file from scratch and saved it to see if I could remove the link that was in the Website footer. It didn't work so I was very stumped. I figured there must be a plugin or module that is making this website link appear in the footer.

3. Third step on editing your wordpress footer. This is the step that most articles don't tell you about. Make sure you check all of your plugins to determine if one of them produced the unwanted links in your footer. You can right click on your website and view the page source to determine the coding and name of the website link author. Compare this with all your plugins that are activated. If this is the case, you will need to edit the coding in the plugin that is activated. Just simply remove the footer information and link(s) that is in the plugin css.

Why do unwanted links appear in your wordpress footer?

Unwanted links in the footer usually appear when a plugin is activated. The plugin author usually wants credit for programming the wp plugin. Therefore, they add footer credits to the plugin installation. So sometimes when you install a plugin or update a wp plugin, the author's website link and footer information will appear in your Wordpress Footer.

I hope this has helped you learn how to edit your Wordpress Footer. If not, there are many of videos on that may come to use to you. If you need more additional Website Help you can contact me anytime.


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      Tammy Frost 5 years ago from Oregon


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      brandasaur 5 years ago from Planet X

      Useful tutorial for newbies :) Great hub!