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How to sew a needle case

Updated on June 18, 2013
select material
select material | Source
cut short pocket
cut short pocket | Source
cut lining
cut lining | Source
lay all material right side together
lay all material right side together | Source
sew and leave opening
sew and leave opening | Source
inside looks like when turned
inside looks like when turned | Source
add strap
add strap | Source

Needle case

First you select what material you want to use. Then you cut the material you want on the outside to the size you want in a rectangle shape. Then you cut a piece of lining the full length of the rectangle and cut a short piece of material that is half the distance of the material. Finish the ends of this material if it ravels easily.

Place the right side of the short piece of material on top of the right side of the outer material and pin the lining on top of it. then stitch all around the rectangle leaving an opening for turning.

Turn all of the pieces right side out and stitch up the opening by hand.

If you want a closure to close the case cut a piece of material so that it fits over the top when folded in half and then stitch it down on one side of the case. On the opposite side of the case you will want to stitch a shorter piece of material going horizontally so that the longer piece of material will fit into it like you were sliding the end of a belt into a loop. Once done then it is finished and you can load it up with all sorts of pins and needles .


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