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New Idea for Abstract Photography

Updated on September 26, 2014

Compact Disc for Abstract Art Photography

New ideas and techniques are implemented to get awesome images through the latest photography trend which is known as abstract photography.

Compact disc or CD is popularly used for storing images, text, audios and videos. The stored data or content in the CD can be used as per necessity. But now a colorful abstract art formation is discovered using the same CD.

Colorful light gets reflected when sun light or any other light falls on a CD. The reflected light is captured by a still camera to get variety of color pictures that are very attractive.

The abstract art has been developed by a man who is also well-known for his paper cutting art in and around Mysore city. His name is Husseini.


The CD technique to create amazing patterns

VIBJYOR or rainbow colors that are reflected from over the CD had always made young Husseini to deeply think over the color pattern formations. Also he thought of different ways to capture the images permanently. At that time, he did not have a camera with him. But later he was able to buy a good camera to capture the colorful light patterns reflected off the CD. Initially it looked as if he was just playing with CD and camera. But as days passed the attractive and colorful pattern formations proved their worthiness. One after the other, every image that was captured by him had variety and looked much different from one another and was interesting.

The new abstract art photography technique found out by Husseini was encouraged by his friends. Having seen the abstract art patterns in a new perspective they told him to continue the same. He experimented much on this using the sunlight, camera flash, video light, torch light, cell phone and match stick. All these sources of light when reflected from over the CD showed variations in color and amazing patterns. He used a black background or umbrella to stop external light interfering into the color patterns formed by the CD when he passed a particular source of light over it. He was able to find out the system and technical aspects to capture the abstract color pattern formations.

Curiosity led him to a new form of abstract art discovery:

The abstract art photography has its own technical limitations. The not so intense light when getting reflected from over the CD gets under exposed due to the dim light. Therefore this kind of image capture lacks sharpness. To get more light inside, the shutter speed of camera is reduced. When shutter is open for much of the time, the slight shake in camera can result in getting blur images.

In pictorial photography, moving the camera can cause a big blunder. But now tilting and shifting has also become a technique of photography. In this abstract photography technique, shifting itself creates different patterns. Photographers who have developed the abstract art as their hobby always change the light path to capture image patterns effectively. The images and objects in nature are to be of a particular shape in pictorial photography. But in abstract art images can neither be predetermined nor predicted.

According to Husseini, different light sources can produce abstract images of different colors that are beyond ones imagination. Only the necessary movement in camera can produce various patterns for the images to be captured as the CD reflects the source of light.

Once a person becomes expertise in this technique, the source of light and camera can be pre-planned and well photographed to get the predetermined pattern of images. CD refracts the source of light like a prism that gives out rainbow colors in various frequencies. The color flow has yellow, red, blue and green as major colors. Violet, indigo and orange become the sub colors. Sometimes these colors get mixed up in some angle to get the white light. Thus by continuous efforts and moving the digital camera to required angles, Mr. Husseini of Mysore has captured more than 5000 abstract color images having variation in patterns.

Uses of the specially developed color patterns:

The abstract patterns do not have a predetermined shape but the color flow and shapes that are beyond imagination attract its viewers. They may relate it to some other shapes and objects that already present in nature. And also enjoy the beauty hidden in it.

After having a look at the images shown here each person may relate it to the shape according to his/her imagination power. These colorful patterns can be very useful to creative artists. There is every chance of it being used in textile printing as they provide numerous patterns for printing purpose. The colorful images may look more beautiful and decorative when hung on the walls at home or office. They may be used in movies and videos as background for the titles. It may be used on covers for books, CDs, certificates etc. They may become a source of poetry for matured poets.

Husseini is making arrangements to popularize the abstract art photography technique by displaying them at an exhibition. He is trying to make such an exhibition for the first time at Mysore. He wants to display some selected images before the people who are interested in viewing them.

Some experts in India believe that the achievement can produce a wave of change in abstract photography. Therefore they have planned to document this achievement in both Guinness book and the Limca book of World records.


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    • vivekananda profile image

      vivekananda 5 years ago from India

      Hi Vinaya, Thanks for commenting and getting inspired on reading my hub.

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 5 years ago from Nepal

      I'm a photographer, but I have not tried this. Thanks for inspiring me.


    • vivekananda profile image

      vivekananda 6 years ago from India

      Right now i don't have an old microwave. But i'll try it whenever it is possible to do so. Thanks for the comment.

    • Dwizard profile image

      Dwizard 6 years ago

      interesting. A little off topic, but if you put on in the microwave it makes some pretty good fireworks and does interesting things ;). I recommend doing this only with and old microwave that you don't care for as the metal isn't the best for it.