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How to use your signature as a logo in Photoshop

Updated on December 23, 2015

If you trying Photoshop in recent times, and you want to use your own signature as your logo in your photos, then I think my little article will help you. It’s very easy to do so, you won’t need any extensive knowledge about Photoshop to make it happen.

Well, if you are tired of vector arts or mechanical computer generated fonts, you may try your own handwriting to be there in your photos, which will make your works a little more personal and will give it a unique look, as no font can ever imitate your own handwriting!

What you will need

You will need

  1. A working compatible scanner
  2. A pen.
  3. A piece of white paper
  4. Photoshop installed your system (OS-X or Windows)

How to do it

  1. At first you should write down whatever you want as a logo or stamp in your final photographs. It may be your own signature, or something else, you should write it down on a piece of white paper first. I suggest try it several times in different styles on different rows on the same piece of paper with a significant gap, and point out the best one from your several attempts.
  2. Scan the paper to the computer (with a higher resolution that you can zoom in and out the photo in Photoshop without losing details) and save it as a general JPEG format image.

3. Open the image on Photoshop.

4. Now you have to duplicate your Background layer. For that right click on your background layer on the down right hand corner of Photoshop, and Click on Duplicate Layer option. And then click on OK. And your layer will be duplicated. (Follow picture instruction for help locating the positions)

5. Now you have to select “Crop Tool” from the Tool-bar, which is located on the left-hand side of the Photoshop

6. Then select the desired area of text which you want to convert into your logo. Make sure your paper is white in colour. Otherwise it may make some problem in your final logo. And press Enter to crop the area. You can always zoom in or out your image for better perfection. (Press Ctrl & + for zoom in, and Ctrl & + for out)

7. Now go to “Edit” menu from the upper left hand corner of Photoshop and a drop down menu will open. Click on “Define Brush Preset…” option.

And you are done. A brush of your document’s name will be created under your all brush menu. To use it, you open your desirable image first, then select “Brush” Tool from the Tool-Bar and select your newly created brush from all your brush presets. Now you can use your sign as a Logo wherever you want in the photo, just resize your brush (press ] for larger and [ for smaller), choose the colour of your brush and use it where ever you want. You can increase or decrease the Opacity of your brush as well.

Hope this small article helped you. Thanks, come back again. Have a nice day.


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