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How to ask a girl out

Updated on March 16, 2011

How to ask a girl out

Remember fellas girls dont care if your cool or tough they want someone who is going to pay attention to them. You have to be kind and gentle with the ladies. When you approach a girl that you want to ask on a date you should be yourself. No acting just be the same guy that you would be if you were talking to your a friend. What always worked for me was to creat some small talk like find something that you may have in common then say something to the effect of I think your really nice (you can use cool or any other word that is hip at the time)and ask her if she would like to go out or go do something sometime be confident when you ask her. When she says yes remember that you have to make a good first impression and bring her flowers or candy or something. During you date is ok to be nervous but try to just be yourself. Remmember you want the girl to like you for you and not someone or something you are not. One other thing fellas make sure that you clean your automobile and make it smell nice. Do not show up with a stinky car.


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    • basspro profile image

      basspro 9 years ago

      There are some good movies playing right now.... try talking to her about one of the new movies and if she says she wants to see one of the movies ask her if she wants to see it with you....

    • profile image

      David 9 years ago

      i want to ask out this girl i've been dating for about a month. i would like to ask her on christmas day, but i'm not sure about how to ask her. i want it to be original, and adorable. please help me. thanks.