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Have fun while you organize and run a club for your favorite interest, craft, or hobby

Updated on August 20, 2017
Projects created by club members: Jumper, slippers, fingerless gloves, washcloths, scarf and blanket
Projects created by club members: Jumper, slippers, fingerless gloves, washcloths, scarf and blanket | Source

It is nice to be a part of something, especially if we are with others that share a common interest. So why not plan a way to get together through a specific club.

Organizing a club isn’t very hard and doesn’t have to be a big production. It is actually easier than you might think. And running the club can actually be fun and satisfying as well. It is for me. I myself have organized and I now run a club that started with only a handful of friends and coworkers which now has grown to having over fifty club members that travel from four counties. I have organized my own knit and crochet club and I have put together for you, the steps you can use to create a successful club.

My local club supports the interest of knit and crochet, but a local club is a great idea for friends, family, coworkers and others to get together and enjoy what they like to do. Some other ideas for a club could be a club for quilting, reading, stitching, or sewing, actually anything that you can enjoy with others that have a common like of the same thing. It really doesn’t matter as long as people enjoy sharing their love and ideas of their interest.

With everyone so busy with their lives, when my friends and family suggested that we needed time to just relax and work on our projects, I myself, having such a passion for knit and crochet decided to take the initiative and began the first steps to try to organize a club.

The first thing I did was to decide how many people were really interested in joining the club. Even though it was just a few more than a handful, I felt it was enough people to take the time to research the idea.

I then began to search for a place that we could have club meetings. I was going to try to have the meetings at my own home at first, but decided that it wouldn't be a good idea and it would be better to have a public area so I could enjoy the time away from everyday life as well. Even though I had less that 10 people to start, I was hoping to find a place that held up to 50 people, (just in case); perhaps the club might grow into a larger group.

With help from the people involved, it was suggested to me to try local craft or bookstores, schools and libraries. I was fortunate to ask my local library and they had the perfect space for meetings and had a calendar of times to choose from in advance.

Club Member - Master Knitter
Club Member - Master Knitter | Source

Next, I had to decide how many meetings per month. I was new to this organizing functions idea, so I felt I could probably try to get everyone together once per month.

Deciding on a time and day was next. Since everyone’s schedule was different, I thought evenings would be best. The library only had late nights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so the last Wednesday of the month would be my choice. It actually worked for many of the now “club members”.

I then wanted to make it a fulfilling to get together for everyone, so I then began to think of ideas for the whole club to enjoy. Bringing in patterns and easy kits were always a great way for me to give to my club and it brings great joy to club members.

Having good communication for the club was also part of the process. The great thing about technology these days, is that there are so many ways to stay in contact. Phone, text or email as well as social networking are all useful tools for contacting members. I use email to contact club members. I am able to email club members with times and reminders of club dates, as well as receive questions and comments before meetings.

Of course not everyone makes it to every meeting, but I found that through email everyone that joined the club could be a part of the great joy that their passion of knit and crochet brings. I also used social networking and texting when needed.

List of Steps to take to organize a club for your interest

  • How many Members – Decide whether you have enough members to begin a club
  • Locations – Visit places to consider and see if it is available consistently monthly, biweekly, for 6 months to a year
  • Time and Length – Decide how long the meeting will last. I found that 2 hours is good but sometimes we all wished it were longer
  • How to connect – Choose how you would like to connect to club members for updates and club meetings or questions and comments. You can contact by email, phone, text or social networks. You may use one or all.
  • Advertise – Post a flyer with dates and times at your location so other people that utilize the facility can join and connect with others that share the same interest.
  • Social networking – Attach a page to your Facebook. Members love to share photos of their projects on line through the Facebook club page, especially if a member can’t make it to a meeting on a particular month
  • Patterns and Kits -Make it fun for members as well. For crochet and knit, patterns with yarn, patterns for new ideas, for other interests Ex. Books: bring in bookmarks or some pages of a book you may be reading
  • Gifts and Raffles – At holiday time have a raffle for a special item that accents your club interest. Ex. Crochet basket filled with craft items for crocheting
  • Supplies – Bring in extra supplies for new members or in case other members forget supplies they may need.
  • Refreshments – It is nice to bring in candies or water from time to time, but in my experience, most club members bring their own refreshments to each meeting.
  • Name - And finally give your club a name to accent your interest. My club is called "The Crochet Club and Knitting too…!!"

Club Members relaxing and enjoying their hobby
Club Members relaxing and enjoying their hobby | Source
Sharing Ideas
Sharing Ideas | Source
Display of knit and crochet items by club members where meetings are held
Display of knit and crochet items by club members where meetings are held | Source
  • It is fun to get together with others that share an interest.

Most of all even though you may be the administrator of the club, relax and enjoy. From my own experience, the key to its success is easy. The reason being, that all of the members get together to share a common interest.

A club is a great getaway for a couple of hours to just sit and relax and devote your time to your favorite interest, hobby or craft. My club has become such a great success; we may even try to have meetings twice per month. It is beginning its third year.

So if you have a favorite interest that is shared with others, why not organize a club and take some time to share your ideas and projects with others that share your passion. Organize and run a club today.

Do you have a club you belong too?

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© 2012 Catherine Spinola


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    • CatsPage profile image

      Catherine Spinola 5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Thanks MomsTreasureChest, I am glad you liked my hub. :) My club is really fun and relaxing.. Everyone loves it..!! You will be surprised how quickly you can get a club started.. Good Luck..!

    • MomsTreasureChest profile image

      MomsTreasureChest 5 years ago

      I loved reading this hub, it sounds like you have formed a great group, and I'm sure they all appreciate they work you put into it! You've inspired me to get moving on getting a craft group together, thanks!

    • CatsPage profile image

      Catherine Spinola 5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Hey T. Book club next ..What do you think?

    • CatsPage profile image

      Catherine Spinola 5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Hey Rick, That is the great thing about same interest clubs. It is really just people getting together that enjoy the same thing. Setting up a time every month gives you something to look forward to as well. A book club may be next for me. Yes I am just a regular person.. Thanks.!

    • profile image

      Teresa Martin 5 years ago

      This club is the highlight of my month! A great group of gals of all ages, crocheting/knitting, sharing stories, teaching one another, and meeting new friends.

    • rick combe profile image

      rick combe 5 years ago from USA

      Though i'm not into knitting, I think what you did is really neat. One always wonders how things like this get started, and it turns out that it's often just one regular person with a passion.