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How to make a polaroid photo frame in GIMP 2.8

Updated on March 5, 2013
Polaroid photo made in GIMP 2.8
Polaroid photo made in GIMP 2.8

Polaroid photos were a break through in photography years ago. Now feeling the nostalgia I decided to share with you tips on how to make a polaroid photo frame and insert a photo there. Also you will learn how to make sellotape pieces and stick your photo to a background.

Here is the discription of what I am doing in the video:

  1. First I'm going to create a white polaroid frame.
  2. Then make another layer to make it appear a bit thicker.
  3. After I will create a background which looks like wooden board.
  4. Next I will create a shadow below the polaroid frame to create sort of 3d effect.
  5. At this point I will add a beforehand prepared image which is resized and cropped to fit the polaroid frame.
  6. As the last step I will create two pieces of sellotape and use them to "stick" my polaroid frame to the background.


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