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Human Eyes in Inkscape

Updated on November 10, 2016

Human Eyes


In my tutorial Human Eyes in Inkscape, I will show you how to create your own realistic human eyes. Myself, I am a novice when it comes to the Inkscape program. I am still learning lots myself. So pardon me if something seems to not make sense to you. You can always send me a message here if it becomes that important an issue to you. I will respond.

What is Inkscape?

Inkscape is a free open source professional vector graphics program. It is licensed under the GNU, which is what enables it to be free. Inkscape is much like the program Illustrator by Adobe. It is comparable to the "other" GNU program GIMP. But the main difference between Inkscape and GIMP is that, GIMP creates bitmap images, whereas, Inkscape creates vector graphic images. The end result is that you get better quality graphics out of Inkscape.

Inkscape Document

Human Eyes

  • Open up the Inkscape program.
  • Go to Inskcape's main menu and select File > Document Properties.
  • In the Document Properties dialogue, select 512 for Width and 512 for Height then close the dialogue.
  • In Inkscape's left side toolbar, select the ellipse tool.
  • Drag the tool across Inkscape's canvas to create an oval shape.

  • Next, open up the Fill and Stroke dialogue. In the Fill and Stroke dialogue, select the Stroke paint tab and click to select Swatch.
  • Navigate to the Stroke style tab and change the Width to about 5.000px.
  • Then, go to Path > Stroke to Path.
  • Fill the oval shape with white, but you'll probably have to go back to the Stroke paint tab under the Fill and Stroke dialogue to re-select black for the stroke color - unless, unlike me, you are an advance Inkscape guru and know your way around the program better than I, in which case you probably are.

The Pupil

Now we create the pupil. Select blue from the color swatches, grab the ellipses tool, hold Shift + Control on the keyboard, so we get a perfectly round shape, and create the pupil. I'm going to set my stroke for about 5.000 pixels again.
When you have finished creating your pupil, move it into place and resize it so it fits right inside the oval shape.

The Eyelashes

Probably the most difficult part of this will be the eyelashes. A tool I found that works best for this is the Scatter effect under the Extensions menu. I start by creating one of the initial eyelashes away from the art board. I used the pencil tool with a smoothness of 100 to get it perfectly straight.

Once done with that go to Extensions > Generate from Path > Scatter. In the Scatter dialogue, select the following settings:

  1. Select the checkbox "Follow path orientation".
  2. Select 10.0 under "Space between copies".
  3. Under Tangential offset, select 600.00.
  4. In the drop down menu "Original pattern will be", select Cloned.

This should give you duplicated copies of your eyelash as well as distributing them along the formation of the eye. You may need to do some tweaking to get the lashes to fit perfectly on the eye. I scaled mine by width a tad to get it to fit. Not a pretty eye, but it gets the job done.

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