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I need someone else to sing my blues, dedicated to Crystal J.

Updated on March 16, 2012
Resting Place for the Wearied
Resting Place for the Wearied | Source
A Place for Day Dreams
A Place for Day Dreams | Source
California Kickback
California Kickback | Source
the tall ship "Lady Washington"
the tall ship "Lady Washington" | Source

This poem is dedicated to my Beautiful Chylde, Crystal one part because it was written (or pretty nearly wrote itself) right after a long and lovely "girl's talk-fest" between the two of us. But path leading to that is much less obvious, and actually rates it own blog (or series of blogs.) As part of the framework the poem, an introduction is needed---Crystal and her two older brothers are the adult children of my Beloved and his estranged first wife. After more than two decades of subsequent separation and regret, we were overjoyed to locate all three of his older children, though now grown and with children of their own! And we owe far more than words can express to the dedication and patience of the unofficial "Jett-Fletcher Family Historian" my sister-in-law Jen.

Suffice it to say, welcoming these three wonderful people into our lives, and being in turn welcomed by them was pure unadulterated joy! And that culminated in actually being able to take a twelve hour "turn around drive" and meet both his eldest son and family, as well as his daughter and her two children. Unfortunately, his middle son and family were living in New York, so we have yet to be physically reunited, but we hold onto that hope----and are so very grateful for the internet connections that let us stay in contact with all three families, and take pleasure in suddenly discovering the joy of having eight grandchildren!!!

But as to Crystal and myself, well, we clicked. Immediately and deeply. She and I have both expressed a feeling that, though it is still of great joy to have discovered each other through our family ties----well, she and I would have been friends, deep friends, even if we'd met at random, somewhere along life's path. Which brings me to what inspired this poem----one of our many conversations about sharing this journey, a need sometimes to share our feelings with someone else, without reservation or fear of criticism. There's a need to have "someone else sing our blues" as this poem expresses. On the photo essay portion----today I'm going to look for photos that express that need for sharing our journey, our life's pathway with others. In Buddhism, there's a concept called "dependent origination" which simply means that life in and of itself does not exist independent of other bits and pieces of life----and it all flows into a wonderfully complex whole.

Side note for the weekend and next week: I've kept the promise to myself about this particular five day series in my blog, expressing the more difficult and shadowed parts of my journey. In keeping with the use of a theme to keep me coherent (more or less!) tomorrow will be a "Yarn Whisperer" type of blog, with Sunday being a continuation of our Relocation Adventures. I'm not 100% certain yet, but I'm considering using the week days next week to highlight poetry/prose done as part of a creative writing class taken about 5 years ago or so. This class forced me far past my comfort zone and made me extend myself as a writer. So I thank those who have read me this week, and hope you continue to read my writings----as Carole King so eloquently put it in her song "Tapestry"---My life has been a tapestry of many colored hues..."

I Need Someone Else to Sing My Blues----dedicated to Crystal J

I need someone
someone else
to sing my blues
for me.

If I sing my blues
for myself
I will stay here
deep in my sorrow
lost in my anger
caught in futility.

If I sing my blues
for myself
I will forget
that there are
and moments
and moments
beyond recall
of joy
of love
of caring
that break through
and bring light
into my life.

So I need
someone else
to sing my blues
for me.

So for myself,
I will not
sing the blues
but for you
I will sing your blues
I will give voice
to your pain
and your anger
and your dark moments
that seem to be
without end.

For I know
that the blues end
and joyousness

Copyright of poem: 02-18-2010: Cynthia L. Shubert-Jett

Copyright all individual photos: Cynthia L. Shubert-Jett, as indicated by date in photo

Copyright: Blog and photo compilation: 03-16-2012: Cynthia L. Shubert-Jett

All rights retained by Cynthia L. Shubert-Jett


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