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Ibiza Sunsets and landscapes for professional & amateur photography

Updated on October 9, 2012

Ibiza - Island

Ibiza is the Island that has captured many people’s imagination and motivated there inspiration. The reason being is that the Island is full of exciting places to see and visually pleasing. The landscapes on Ibiza are truly inspiring , a typical landscape on Ibiza, is a bright green pine clad hills with a sparking dark blue sea in the background with a lovely clear blue sky.

A lot of stunning backdrops are on the coast line of Ibiza, which include the famous rock Es Vedra, which has probably photographed more times than Madonna. This rock is very mystical and sits about 5km out at sea and has a height of over 400 Meters. Excellent photography opportunity that can’t be missed, especially when the sunsets. Some of the best images have been captured during the winter months when low clouds have mystically lurked over the top of the rock.


Along with the sandy beaches and rocky landscapes that surround the Island the interior of the Island has some visual treasures as well, fields of almond trees that blossom once a year, which makes it look like its snowed, leaving a Disney type setting across the valley. Grape vines, wheat fields, old windmills are all inspiring photography shots. On Ibiza you will always capture some sort of image that makes it truly Ibiza style. Many magazine companies use Ibiza for photography for front covers, along with a lot of films, music videos and fashion shoots. The Island is always turning up on the front cover of some famous or popular magazine in the world. Many famous people come to the Island and do photo shoots or make music videos. In recent years stars like Kylie Minogue, Shakira, Katie Price and Nicole Scherzinger along with loads more, have all done magazine or photo shoots

Es Vedra Sunset
Es Vedra Sunset

Sunset hot spots on Ibiza

Sunsets on Ibiza are truly amazing; with the clear blue skies of the summer and very little pollution Ibiza has a sunset that you will always remember. During the winter months the sunsets can be even more spectacular with a scattering of winter clouds and a setting of the sun into a calm sea. Although the winters can bring some rough seas and if you like to adventure out during a stormy day you can capture some great sunset images with the right conditions. The clear summer days do however create the traditional sunset that Ibiza is famous for, clear skies and a perfect round ball of light dipping into the sea is a spectacular sight to see. The sunset strip in San Antonio during the summer months attracts visitors from all over to watch the sunset. You can sit and relax in some of the famous cafes in this area listening to some of the latest chill out tunes. Places like Café Del Mar, Café Mambo and Khumharas get packed out with people to see the sunset. But these cafes are not the only places on the Island to see a sunset, if you are the West coast you will see the sunset into the sea and most beaches on the West coast are excellent places to be during the sunset. Romantically pleasing to be on a beach as the sun sets to end another day in Ibiza. Some of the best locations for great sunsets apart from the sunset strip in San Antonio are Salinas’s salt flats, Cala D’Hort with the backdrop of Es Vedra, Benirras beach with the towering rock in the middle, Atalaya which is the highest point on the Island and between Formentera and Ibiza on a boat is a spectacular shot.

For a photographer the night life on Ibiza is also a colourful and wonderful topic. With some of the best clubs in Europe, along with some of the outstanding promoters the nightlife scene really produces some specular images. Just a walk around the Old town Eivissa which is the oldest working town in Europe can bring some wonderful surprises for any photographer. People, style, fashion, architecture and just the whole atmosphere of Ibiza is truly a photographers dream.

Salinas has a very long sandy beach, but a little further in land you will find the salt flats. They keep salt water in small stone wall ponds, some over 100m wide. The water is kept as still as possible so the salt gathers on the sides. This area is not far from the airport and also as a clear view of the sunset. Watching the sunset over these water stored areas is truly spectator and you can almost get a mirrored image of the sun across the calm waters.

Another hot spot for great photos and sometimes a good sunset is Atlantis, this is an old quarry that was used to build the walls of the old town Eivissa. Here are some very unusual rock landscapes where they have cut the rock to retrieve the stones. You can see some more information about this area on this site.

The Island of Ibiza has what they call a pirate tower which is located all-round the Island on the tops of the highest hills. They were used to spot enemy ships invading the Island. Now they are used as tourist attractions and visiting one of the towers offers great opportunity for some excellent photography.

Models and Villas

A lot of companies now are getting into using models in their photos along with movie makers and magazine productions. If a model is needed for a photo shoots on Ibiza then you can try a company based on the Island called Peppermint Models who have a selection of all types of models. They even accept models to their agency, if you are a person wanting to be an Ibiza model.

A popular event on Ibiza is a wedding; over 100 weddings per year are celebrated on Ibiza, creating another hot topic for photographers. Many weddings that take place on Ibiza are done to capture that real Spanish feeling and of course in Ibiza style.

Renting an old villa which is called a finca here in Ibiza is another great way to photograph people or models. A Spanish finca has very think white walls a style that you will not find anywhere in the world. An old Spanish finca offers a photographer a great deal of inspiration for his/her photos and this has been popular with many top model shoots that have appeared in magazines like Playboy, Cosmopolitan and even Vogue. The Spanish styled house is an excellent backdrop for a model exposing either body or the latest fashionable style. Ibiza Villas can be rented all over the Island and a good place to start is Ibiza holidays owners direct site. Ibiza Villa rentals

Ibiza is a place to visit and a place not to be without a camera. Every part of the Island has something unique to photograph and if you are in the business of advertising or moving making you will find that Ibiza has a lot to offer.


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