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Ice Sculptures & Luges For Weddings And Parties

Updated on December 14, 2015

Amazing ice sculptures can add that touch of class to any function. Crystal clear and tinted ice statues have adorned classic hotel foyers and many movie premiers for years.

Now thanks to new technologies over the last few years, ice sculptures have dropped in price, risen in quality and availability, and can now last longer before they melt.

Ice sculptures can come ready made and off the shelf from the freezer, or with some companies, you can design your own ice sculpture, which can take up to a month for delivery depending on your design.

Ice luges are the ice sculptures for drinking parties. The idea of a ice luge, is that you pour in the drink or shot in the top of the luge, then it cools as it quickly travels down and through the luge, until the chilled liquid exits from either the bottom or the side, and straight into the mouth of the waiting person, excellent for any party and great fun.

Ice Luge, party starter
Ice Luge, party starter
Kissing Ice Luge
Kissing Ice Luge

Ice Luges

An ice luge is a big block of ice, which has been moulded into a shape with between one and four channels going through from the top to the bottom, for the alcohol to be poured into.

The moulds themselves can be bought, so as you to make as many ice luges as you wish, as long as you have a large freezer. Luges come in many shapes and sizes, there are the children's ones like stars and numbers, then there are the adult ones for hen parties, stag nights and student parties, these are usually in the form of a male or female torso.

Themed parties such as fire and ice, guys and dolls, or angles and devils use luges rather than ice sculptures. They help to get the party going by bringing groups of people together. They can be the focal point of many a party, until late on in the evening.

As you can see on the right, this is a head luge, where you have to get your drink from the lips, male and female heads are available. There are also the ones where you receive you drink from a little lower down, say no more.

Ice Sculptures

These can be magnificent, the most popular ice sculpture is of the monogamous swan, used at weddings for its symbolism, or at sumptuous banquets for the back of the swan to be filed with seasonal fruits or even as a punch bowl. Other popular ice sculptures for weddings include a heart, a bride and groom and a frozen punch bowel with frozen glasses.

Fairytale Ice Castle
Fairytale Ice Castle

Ice sculptures come either in clear ice, opaque ice, or tinted coloured ice, Can be created to any size you require and ice can be made into anything that you may desire.

Mystical fire ( ice ) breathing dragon, fairytale princesses, and sports cars.

Full size Coach Ice Sculpture
Full size Coach Ice Sculpture

When you buy an ice sculpture, the positioning of it is highly important.It will need to be kept away from any kind of heat, even the heat created by a motor of a fridge or chiller.

Air conditioning units also reduce the lifetime of an ice sculpture, whether hot or cold, but you need it to be in a prominent position so people can see it.

Any retailer of ice sculptures and luges, will suggest places in your hall or home where it may be best for it to be at any event or function.


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