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If I could I'd paint a picture

Updated on January 29, 2015

Paint your picture

Hawaii calls to paint a picture
Hawaii calls to paint a picture

If I could I'd paint a picture. Make a song for the world to see. I'd paint it with a some simple words and a haunting melody. If I could, I'd paint a picture it wouldn't have to be too long. I'd paint it with a phrase or two and a simple little song. Yes If I could I'd paint a picture and my brush would be a song; the canvas would be the world; and everyone would sing along.

Ears would hear the different shades and tones would be hues of blue. The light would hit the canvas just right and you'd start singing too. The song would inspire and talk to you, like a famous painting would.

I'd paint that picture with a song, if I only could.

What does it take?

I think everyone wants to be more than they are. There is a hidden drive within us to succeed and be everything we can be. If you are gifted in music then you play music. If you are gifted in painting or art then you draw pictures and create art. I have dabbled in writing poetry, science fiction books, painting in oil and acrylic, picking and grinning with the guitar, fiddle, banjo and mandolin and I still haven't got everyone to sing along. What does it take? How can we inspire others to take up our dreams or our visions. That is what leadership is supposed to be according to many books and trainings on leadership. Can you paint a picture with a song? Does your painting make someone want to sing? That's what this is about. What does it take?

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