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Illustrated Manga Comic Stories By Hector Salinas Volume 1

Updated on August 11, 2013

Muñecota (Giant Doll)

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Muñecota; meaning: "Giant Doll"
Quite frankly I think I was driven to do a giantess picture (Of course this is not the first one I have ever done) seen some of my friends do it in Deviant Art, so, I decided I might as well jump in the wagon. hehe!

Ok. She is a live gigantic creature. Her background history is still unknown. This was her first and only appearance: near the "Cancun" beach in Mexico. She came out of the waters, like that of any footage seen of Godzilla. Her exact height is still unknown, but calculate about 130 feet.

At this moment she has not shown to have hostile or aggressive behavior. No buildings have been damage, as she seems to be careful where she lands her feet. After a few hours on the bright sun (between 12 a.m. to 2 p.m that day) she left going inside the ocean. There is no trace of her anywhere now, and some hope she will never come back again.

More about this pic: don't worry! There were no casualties. The place here was evacuated a little while after her arrival. and was so the few following days, just in case she came back. The shot here by local helicopter reporters.

All art and (fictitious) story by me.

The Dancer And The Barbarian

I guess too much playing soulcalibur brings ideas to my head. Here is a scene where I did lots of work on the background. I do not consider myself a good background artist. I mainly focus on the characters themselves, but I am actually trying to get better at drawing backgrounds.

The story here: these two are part of my own original characters. Their names are unknown as of now. mainly it is a barbarian and a dancer(you can probably tell which one is which). They are friends and travel together from town to town. They depend on each other when they are on a quest to slay monsters and do other types of jobs by the townspeople.

One thing to note is that the lady holding the sword does have strength, but not so overwhelming as to carry another person on it as we see here. The source of her super strength comes from the bracelet seen on left arm. A rare accessory she acquired from a wizard during her many adventures. While the dancer is quick on her feet and very agile, the barbarian is very strong and very skilled with the big sword. Here we just have them having fun and posing at a waterfall place, outside the town and probably thinking of bathing, thus they are in minimal clothing attire.

All the artwork seen here and story belongs to me.

How Abeelia Enhanced Her Strength

Part of my small story comic, Abeelia is the name of the barbarian the above drawing I did above.  In this scene, she was traveling alone. If you read the description under "the dancer and the barbarian" you probably have more understanding of the events happening here and would also explain more of the drawing I did there.

There will probably be more.. a continuation of this manga series. I will see what I can do. Thank you all for the support.

Juice Monster

Just a little something that could make someone laugh. :D
Just a little something that could make someone laugh. :D

Listen To Your Angel Self

It is true that sometimes you feel you can't decide on something. Weather to be good or not to be. Should I give a gift? Should I help the homeless on the street with a dollar? How about helping an old lady cross the street? One side should be saying yes you should, I believe that is the the angel side of all of us, the other one in red suit doesn't care for good deeds. So I think we all are inclined to listen to one more than the other.

This drawing represents that we should listen to our angel self. More than just a drawing, I wanted to have a little message. Yea, but why the sexy manga type female? I think it's because I have always liked my manga/anime styled women. hehe! hope everyone likes it Have a good one, and until next time!

Lorna Dane Messanger

At the end of summer, Lorna enjoys her last days of bikini wearing at the local beach. Laying down on her back getting a tan, and relaxing she falls asleep. After about an hour, autumn winds start blowing announcing the fall season.

She feels a little chill which wakes her up, but not too extreme. She looks around and sees the people had gone, and abandoned the place. She stretches out to get ready for her leave too, and by mere coincidence she looks up in the sky. Something catches her eye in the distance of the atmosphere. A shiny looking object, too early in the day to be seen as a star, and not any type of plane... a bird could not have that glowing effect.

She could have gone flying to see for herself as her curiosity grew; instead she waited for it as looked like the unknown object was heading towards her. Nothing she ever saw before! Up close looked like a bird shape spirit object which changed florescent colors. It got her attention that she could see a red heart in the center of it. She extended her hand out as to make contact with it, to touch it perhaps... it only whispered a message to her.

The message was "The moment I say you, my heart pierced by a love lance, please girl, I only wish that you would give me one chance", then it faded right then and there. It was clearly a love message... but the only thing that Lorna kept asking herself was... who was her secret admirer?

-The above is a fictional story involving Lorna Dane (Polaris) a character from Marvel comics. Copyright infringement NOT intended. Story by me. Fan art by me.-

I'm NOT Scared - Alice in the Ghost Land

Eerie surroundings with a dilapidated haunted castle like building at the backdrop close behind threatens Alice, lonely without any sign of habitat or even mark of any passage. She walks on a rugged irregular floor with lot of debris creating the only noise of her flip-flop that should have frightened any youth of her age.

Suddenly some bustling noise heard at a distance seemed to approach fast that should have created panic with a lonely girl in such a frightening place. She gently turned her head and saw two ghosts approach her flying and frightening. Gradually the sound increased to terrorizing screams. However, Alice was not disturbed nor was frightened.

The darkness was fast approaching and anybody would have run away from such a horror area. Alice continued to walk glancing those two spirits. Though they were trying to create panic in her, they do not come to an encounter at a closer proximity. Instead of fear symptoms, she was smiling. Those two spirits were confused with her fearless attitude. She uttered,” I am not scared”.

Perplexed spirits returned to their base and referred the matter to an older ghost. They were too curious to know the reason. Then explained the older ghost about the bangle she was wearing. That bangle was a blessed bangle. Blessed by a Wizard who has special powers and practiced magical alchemy. He can even drive ghosts away. He is also an exorcist. Until the bangle remains with her no ghost can harm her or approach her.

She is planning to construct an ashram here to take care of orphan children. That project is approved by members of a good-deed organization she belongs to, and the Wizard is going to support her endeavor. Ghosts understood that when she gets back she will tell about the ghost and the Wizard will come to the place to drive the ghosts away. “It is better that we move away from the spot right now or else we will be driven away!” So saying the senior ghost fled away and the two spirits had no option than to follow.

Even devils will not dare to block when you dare to face evil for good. “I am not scared”, should be your attitude when you dare to do right.

Unexpected Visitor

Just one typical day, early morning, the girls Janet (the brunette, sitting) and Doris (to the right), prepare themselves for the chores to do for the day... after they shower and while getting dress and ready, they always enjoy a good cup of chocolate...

These two friends share the same house. They have being living together for about some time, and when they both started working, their home became a little messy. Both having jobs (and felt tired to do their household cleaning themselves) they were able to earn extra money for their living expenses, so they decided to hire a maid to help around the house.

They are both single women living in a small town in the North America. It is very peaceful there, and everyone is very nice, caring people.

Janet had talked to her father by phone just a week before this picture here. Her father lives about 300 miles away from her. She invited him over to get to know where she was living (after she moved from home), and to introduce her friend. She had a good relationship with her father... and so it happens that he agreed to pay her a visit in about one week, the exact day was unsure...

Wednesday morning (5 days after the phone call) Janet's father headed to see his daughter. He had no problems finding the address. While the girls were being their usual selves, there was a knock at the door. Janet had the feeling it was her father and said to come on in... He came inside the house and greeted. Doris on the other hand had been without her top, and so she covered up quickly and ran her room to get properly dressed up.

A little awkward moment, but it happens all the time.

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Ending Notes About This Page

There is more in the development of this page. There is currently a project following one story here that I plan to post when the drawings and the writing is ready. Thank you all for viewing. Please check out my personal blog for updated and all of my uploaded artwork at My Female Manga Art. Thanks you all (^.^)


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