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Updated on January 20, 2016

How to draw simple shapes & shading.

This will be a brief, step, by step guide on how to draw simple shapes & shading said objects, & how to turn it into another image. It's simple, & for people who don't know to draw.

Step one : Let's start with a simple circle. Now, we all know it is impossible to draw a "perfect" circle. However, with the right shading it will appear "perfect". So, lets begin. First, start with a rounded line at the top of the page you are working on. Then, slowly start drawing another rounded line on the side of the first line you just drew. Then again, on the bottom, then on the other side again. Slowly start connecting the lines with each other until you have said circle. Don't worry if it looks weird, or a little crooked. That's okay. We can fix it in the following steps.

Step two : Now that we have this circle, start cleaning it up if you would like to. So, start erasing any imperfections you see, some shaky lines, etc. After you cleaned up this image, lets go to step three, shading & turning it into something.

Step three : Okay, so. Lets turn this basic circle into lets say, a flower. So, to start this flower. You already have the basic shape. Start by placing a few dots in the center of the circle to represent the "seeds". extend them out to the sides. They don't have to close together. They can me spread about around the circle. After that, you can start drawing the petals. To draw these petals, make a medium sized, tear drop shape at the top of the circle. Then just go around the circle until you have a full set of petals. The flower will start coming together.

Step four : Now that you have this basic flower shape. Let's talk about shading & make it actually look more like a flower. So. Now, draw a light line down the center of each petal. Figure out where the light source is coming from. Once you figure this out. Take your pencil, pen, paint brush, or crayon, with a very LIGHT hand, sketch the shadow area. Make it look like the light is on one side of the petal, while the other side is a little darker. Also do this under the petals. It gives it more dimension ; more texture to it.

Step five : Now, it should look more like a flower, rather than a circle & some tear drop shapes around it. You can choose to add a stem & some leaves to the stem. Or, you can add some basic leafs shapes to the sides of this flower.

Step six : You're basically done. Now all that's left is to color it. Or, you can leave it black & white, & adjust it to your liking.

Happy Drawing ! Any questions you have, just comment & ask !



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