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Images of Antique Greetings Postcards

Updated on March 5, 2013

I have for you some more wonderful images of antique postcards from my personal collection. What a treasure trove these amazing designs are for those who love vintage images to use in their artistic creations. I hope these will get much use.

Roses in Crystal Vases

Aren't these postcards just gorgeous? The colors are so intense. They are outlined in gold, but unfortunately gold doesn't scan well, so they do lose some of their beauty, but are still quite lovely, nevertheless. These date from around 1911, per the postmarks on the back of the ones that have postmarks.

Quaint Scenes with Florals

This set dates a bit later than the others. The ones postmarked are from 1922. I love the softness of colors and the simplicity of these.

Large Florals with Scenes

This set dates from 1912 and is marked on the back with the letters K, L and C in a triangle and "Series 124". Like many, these have gold accents.

Art Nouveau Influence Florals

I love this set, very much influenced by Art Nouveau. As you can see, by the one that has a postmark on the front, they are from 1912. One is marked on the back with "Greetings Series No 29", while the others say "Easter Series No. 31".

Art Nouveau Frames With Floral Sprays

Here are some more with Art Nouveau design. These cards are so simple and yet very elegant. They are marked on the front, as you can see and date from 1912-13. I actually have 3 of the purple one, each with different greetings.


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