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Concrete Numbers, Letters and Faux Concrete Signs

Updated on May 31, 2018

Concrete Numbers and letters For The Home

3D letters may be purchased online through ebay and through craft shops that are made from paper and card but you can't usually buy them made from concrete.

Recently a customer of ours requested some sign letters to be made from concrete for use on a shop sign, we made some sample letters but they were far too heavy to use on a shop sign and we ended up making them in a different material and then coating them in a thin layer of concrete to reduce the weight.

To make solid concrete letters we discovered a simple technique which allowed us to make smaller concrete numbers and letters in a range of fonts and sizes that lend themselves to concrete as a medium. Our first font to use was Impact font and we made some numbers 150mm high by 50mm thick and we supplied them with standoff brass locators on the back for fixing onto stone walls.

We are working on some new fonts that we believe will work well with concrete such as Aachen normal font and Rockwell Bold font.

Concrete has its strengths and its weaknesses. It may be a very hard material but it does tend to fail if cast in thickness of less than 25mm thick unless the core of the concrete is reinforced with metal rods. Concrete also gets effected by frost as may need sealing or having a extra binders added to the concrete as it is mixed. Concrete letters and numbers look really cool, they should not be dropped on the floor as they will break your toes if dropped onto or damage wooden floorboards.

Concrete numbers would look great on the outside of properties. Concrete numbers may be more useful, they could be used to name a property, they could be used as garden objects and ornaments, garden wall statements, they could be placed flat on the ground within garden borders, they could be used as candle holders, used as door stops or book ends or paper weights.

We intend revisiting this Hub and putting more images up as and when we have them.

Concrete Number 2

Cast Concrete Characters Project Notes

15th March 2013. New project, develop and make 3D concrete house numbers for selling on Ebay or Amazon as well as on a Buy Now page on our main website and a couple of One Page Poster Websites.

Tested making first letters out of standard concrete, concrete takes three days to cure and then broke when trying to remove the character from the mould. Made up our own mix with some of our own additives to speed up the process. Time taken to cure one hour. Demould time was two hours, able to file and chisel within three hours. Fully cured within four hours. We used a one use mould to allow us to try different fonts quicker. When we have discovered the best fonts to use and heights to use we will then make reusable moulds.

Minimum stroke thickness for characters was 25mm. Idea thickness of the return of the characters was 50mm to give maximum strength.

Times Roman font at 100mm high 20mm thick was too weak to use unless sold for fixing onto flat wall with cement. More additive would need to be applied to stop the serifs from snapping off. When more additive was used the colour of the concrete went rather dark and ended up looking like slate.

22 March 2013. More testing required on Aachen Normal font. Wall works for Business statement for a Dentist Surgery. To be fitting into the reception area of a brand new building located in Bournemouth, England. Customer also asked if we could do their logo which looked like a swish line with logo text above, the lettering was all joined together which might make it too heavy and will need to be made with a hollow core and have fiberglass added to the mix to increase strength.

Concrete Letters Effect

Concrete Letters Effect

16th July 2013. We recently made some sample letters in a concrete effect for a customer, we also made the letters in a stone effect and wood effect. In the end they went with a textured masonry paint effect which we had not supplied a sample for but which they decided that's what they wanted so that's what we made for them and they were very happy with the result.

The concrete letter effect was fairly simple to do. We made the letters out of a high density Styrofoam type material where the cell structure is so small it has a similar texture to resin-wood but without the weight. The letters were primed and under-coated and then various layers of grey coloured masonry paint were applied, the first grey as a total coverage with further coats of lighter tone grey and then darker tone greys applied either by dry brush method or coloured wash method.

Concrete Signs Effect

we think the method worked well, well enough to put on YouTube. from that video we received an enquiry to make a concrete effect sign slab for a construction company to be used inside their office reception with their company logo recessed into the concrete sign effect. The sign ended up 900mm long x 500mm high x 50mm thick and it only weighed 10kg. The material we used to make the sign was a sheet of styrofoam with embossed letters etched into the face with a fibreglass backing for strength and a layer of resin on the face for extra durability. A couple of layers of stone effect paint was applied with a sponge roller and large synthetic paint brush.

Faux Concrete Signs

Concrete Signs Effect

The concrete sign effect was produced for use inside a building but could have been used outside on a shop sign or building because all the materials that we work with are designed for use outside for permanent use in all weather conditions. Concrete signs effect are light weight and weather resistant as long as they are fixed out of the reach of vandals as the signs are only made from a type of high density foam with a hard coating and can easily be damaged by a malicious person.

If the signs are fixed in a suitable position they should last for decades, with only a new layer of paint being required now and again.

Concrete Android Stand

A Kindle holder made of concrete. Works well as a kitchen menu book holder.
A Kindle holder made of concrete. Works well as a kitchen menu book holder. | Source


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