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Improving your Photography: 4 Easy Photoshop Edits

Updated on June 17, 2017

After taking a great photograph, it may still need to be processed. Processing can make your pictures looks exactly how you want it. Even if it is shot is perfect out of the camera, a few tweaks may make your photographs stand out. This can all be accomplished without altering the original picture. Just by adding a few adjustment layers, you can give your picture an extra "wow" factor. By going to Images -> Adjustment Layers, you can make the changes necessary without changing the photograph.


Saturation is the intensity of the colors. By changing it with an adjustment layer, you can make the photograph more vibrant. Care must be taken to ensure that the level is not too high, as it will make the photograph unnatural and seem more like a dreamscape. By totally decreasing the saturation, you can make a photograph black and white without destroying the original color away from the original photograph.

Brightness and Contrast

Adjusting brightness and contrast can make photos richer. Manipulating the brightness and contrast can help to define the subjects a little better. Too much adjustment can result in a photo that is too artificial, too dark, or too washed-out.


If you only want to adjust exposure on certain parts of the photograph, this layer is great. Using more than one layer, you can decide adjust each component of the picture. The parts that are adjusted in this layer are "colored" black, while other parts that you do not want adjusted should be white. More than one stop, either increasing or decreasing the photograph, may horribly ruin your picture. These layers can always be restarted!


Adjust the curves will allow you to create good visual contrast with a graph while preserving the original photograph. The sliders allow you to define the highlights and the lowlights, as well as the blacks.You can create drastically different photographs easily. Try playing with the mid point too, just to see what happens.


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  • craftybegonia profile image

    craftybegonia 6 years ago from Southwestern, United States

    Thank you for the tips, they are very useful!