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Indian Cloth Embroidery - The Beautiful Indian Embroidery Design Works

Updated on February 8, 2015
Indian embroidery works
Indian embroidery works

The Beautiful Indian Embroidery

Cloth embroidery has been since a long time back as a way of embellishment for clothes. It is usually done with thread, needle, use of different kinds of stitches and several other items. Hand embroidery has been in use from early periods itself. But the increased demand for embroidery put forth the introduction of machine embroidery, bringing about revolutionary outcomes.

Indian embroidery has gained attention and appreciation from all over the world. It has a massive demand at the international level. Natural colors used for dying distinguishes the work done in India from the others. Each state in India has its own style of embroidery, highlighting culture and traditions of the particular place. Each kind of embroidery is unique and beautiful and one can not decide upon which is better.

  • The running stitch
  • back stitch
  • stem stitch
  • feather stitch
  • interlacing stitch
  • satin stitch
  • cross stitch etc. are just to name a few.

Embroidery work has been highly acclaimed globally which has boosted up the embroidery market condition.

Popular Indian Embroidery Designs are

Some of the most popular Indian Embroideries are:

  • Kantha: It is the kind of embroidery most popular in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Running stitch with short gaps is used in such kind of embroidery. Kantha work gives a wrinkled and wavy effect on the on which it is done. It is used in saris, shawls, bed sheets and a variety of clothing.
  • Chikankari: An embroidery work from Lucknow, it is a kind of white thread embroidery done mostly in cotton fabric, even though there are several other materials like organza, polyester, chiffon, viscose, georgette etc. that are being used. The most favored colors are the light pastel shades and they are used for both daily use and festive occasions. Shadow work is another graceful motif, in chikan embroidery and this particular work is done on the opposite side of the cloth. The designs keep on changing as per the market trends, with colors that perfectly match with the season.
  • Crewel: It is mainly a form of surface embroidery done with the help of wool and a variety of stitches used in them. Its elegant essence and colorful effects makes it one of the most used forms of embroidery today. It is done on a woven fabric mainly on cotton and linen and is generally used for embellishing curtains, pillows, cushions and wall hangings.
  • Cutwork: Cutwork embroidery is the art of using a combination of materials to create an intricate design. In such a kind of work, a portion of the background cloth is cut out and discarded. Running and buttonhole stitches are the two common stitches that are used for creating cutwork embroidery designs.

  • Zardozi: It is an imperial metal embroidery work, which uses intricate patterns in gold and silver, studded with pearls and precious stones enhancing the beauty of rich and glowing silk, velvet and brocade. It is done with a crochet hook using the metallic thread and appears like chain stitch. Zardozi garments have become very popular and make elegant evening and ceremonial ware.

  • Phulkari: Phulkari, literally flower-crafting, comprises of the colourful embroidery that originates from Punjab. The embroidery of phulkari is done in long and short darn stitch, which is created into innumerable designs and patterns. The smaller the stitch, the finer the embroidery. The thread used is invariably pure silk. The embroidering is done from the reverse side of the fabric with the silk yarn which gives a shaded effect to the fabric.
  • Kashidakari: It is a style of embroidery native to Jammu and Kashmir. This embroidery uses various styles of stitches like darning stitch, satin stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch and the buttonhole stitch. Kashmiri embroidery is known for the skilled execution of a single stitch. Not more than one or two stitches are used at a time. Embroiders often draw inspiration from the beautiful nature around and use motifs of flowers, creepers and chinar leaves, mango etc.
  • Applique design: Originated in Egypt, it is a popular embroidery technique, wherein pieces of different fabrics are sewn on to a base fabric via inlaying or outlying, to form appealing designs. Quills, pearls, metal strips, beads or sequins are used to create attractive embroidery designs. There are both hand and machine appliqués. Applique embroidery designs are perfect for creating exclusive embroidery that can make any fabric look fabulous.

Embroidery has adorned almost everything in fabric, from handkerchief to quilts and wearable to home décor products. Indian embroidery stitches are truly class apart, be it the simple running stitch of kantha or the satin and chain of Kashmiri Kashidakari. Indian embroidery patterns depict the passion and life of the people of that particular state.


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