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Indian Handicraft Categories: Creativity with Diversity

Updated on May 22, 2017
Deepika ojha profile image

Deepika loves to read , write and explore about art and craft work of different areas.

Handicrafts - Creativity of Humans

Handicraft is the exquisite creativity of human hand. India is bestowed with rich cultural and traditional heritage captivating hundreds of eyes from the world. It is a hub of creativity with diversity. Here, Handicraft is popular means of livelihood for people in many areas.

India is a culturally diverse country and this shade of uniqueness is also seen in the artistic products. Each region is influenced by their own traditions and culture and hence the craft items made by them are also diverse and unique.

Weaving of a Saree


Different Types of Handicrafts From India

Here is the list of different categories of handicraft of India which have high demands in the markets.

Art Metalware

Art Metalwares from India show the glimpses of spectacular craftsmanship exhibiting various astonishing design forms, fine arts style and much veteran crafting style in shaping gold, silver, brass, and copper in crafting exquisite items like figurines, idols, jewelry and other utility products.

Different kinds of MetalWares:

  • Brass Metalwork: This metalwork is mainly found in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Moradabad is also called as 'Brass Town' of the country. Different items of brass which are available in Indian markets are kitchens items, god deities, decorative items, jewelry and much more.

Brassware - Three Monkeys of Brass

  • Bell Metal: Bell metals are used for making a temple or church bells mainly made in Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Bidri Metal Work: Bidri work is mainly crafted in Bidar, Karnataka. Bidar metal work is made from the combination of metal, wood, paper, clay, marble and many more items. This metal is also majorly manufactured in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Wooden Handicrafts

Wooden Handicrafts is one of the major export items from India. Many kinds of wood crafted work like the sofa, Almirah, tables, trays, chests and numerous toys, beds and much more product which are essential for living a luxurious life are created in India and have heavy demands.

Saharanpur is famous for wooden work in India. It is also called ‘Sheesham village' or 'wood city'. Here items made by different types of wood like Sheesham, Sal wood, dudhi trees, ebony and mango woods are available. The finished products of Saharanpur are just bewitching.

Different types of wooden craft are as follows:

  • Wood Inlay – In this decorative items carry surface of the wood.
  • Lacquer-wares and Ivory Items which are embedded in Wood to make astonishing wood products.
  • Puppet Craft- Puppets are made entirely of wood and metal wire and their dress are made from different types of Rajasthani fabrics and they are called as 'KathPutli'. These are wooden dolls which are made of purely wood and metal wires their dress are made in a local ethnic style that is mainly found in Rajasthan India.These Puppet Dolls are a symbol of Rajasthan state.

Wood Crafted Flower


Hand Printed Textiles

Handicraft is a creation by hands connected to religions. Major popular products from which the main soul of Indian handicraft is related is the handicraft work of textile printings. Hand printed textiles and scarves are very popular and usually exported outside India and also have heavy demands in foreign as well as local markets.

Hand Printed Textile Industries are also called Handloom Industries have different market chains in different cities. India produces all kinds of fibers and yarns and is one of the major cotton producing countries in the world. This Industry is the second largest employment generating sector after agriculture and gives livelihood to many artisans, workers, weavers of all sections

Hand printed textile work are elegant and include some unique fabric style and themes which you will not find anywhere else in this world.

  • Bandhani work - It is the Tie and die work of Rajasthan & Gujarat from India.
  • Tapestry work-It is the weft-facet weaving work done on textile in which threads are wrapped in complex hidden fashion.
  • Block & Screen Printing – These are done on Bedsheets popular in Pilkhuwa district U.P
  • Kalamkari work- These are art design done by pen on clothes.

Block Printing Work

Making of Block for printing in Saree
Making of Block for printing in Saree | Source

Embroidery and Weaving Work

Embroidery work is done not only on fabrics but also on leather, velvet cloth, mirror, shells, beads, stones etc. and many decorative metals are used in embroidery works. Weaving Industry is also linked with this embroidery system. This process is mainly two thread works.

Embroidery is mainly the embellishing of cloth with the creativity of threads. This industry is also an employment generating sector in India for men and women both. Zardosi is one of the famous embroidery craft. Other Famous embroidery styles are as follows:

  • Chikankari – found in Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Zardosi – done in Uttar Pradesh & different areas in India
  • Phulkari – crafts of Punjab, India
  • Kutch embroidery – mainly found in Gujarat state.
  • Kashidari – mainly done in Kashmir.

Beautiful Chikankari Work

Astonishing Chikankari work
Astonishing Chikankari work | Source

Marble And Stone Craft

Stone handicraft products in India are carved from centuries. Stonecraft monuments, temples, and mosques have enthralled the exquisite art and craft of India. It is an ancient art form. India has a wide range of breath-taking and glorious sculptures of stone.

Some popular ranges of stone products are decorative used for landscapes and gardens. Candle-stand, jewelry boxes, statues of gods (Example – glimpses of stone art are found in Ajanta and Ellora caves of Maharashtra).These all are the heritage of stone crafts found in India from centuries.Different kinds of stones used to make spectacular crafts some are marble, ruby, and other precious metal stones.

Stone Craft on Royal Window of Fort


Marble stone is also popular in demand. Marble products have a royal and classic beauty. One of the legendary examples of Marble beauty is Taj Mahal. Other popular marble items are table tops, marble lampshades, statues, monuments, Jalis (stone net) and many decorative items and gift articles and these are also popular in demand.

Terracotta Art And Craft

Terracotta is made from two words Terra (Latin word) means earth or soil and cotta (Italian word) means statues. This art is related to soil. The adorable sculptures or figurines made of mud, clay or soil.

This craft is famous in Indian culture from an ancient era. In old age, terracotta is mainly popular in making figurines of deities from clay. People in old age avail these clay from river beds and the burn this clay to make it hard to make perfect for making figurines.

Nowadays, this art form is also used for making toys, dolls, animal figurines, sculptures, candle stand, lamps etc. Dhubri village of Assam is famous for making these terracotta craft.

Terracotta Crafts


Zari Craft

Zari is precisely a golden or silver thread especially used for making the border of sarees. These threads are woven in fabrics and are mainly made of silk or velvet to make a distinctive and intricate pattern.

Zari is also famous for woven in silk fabrics and are popular in export and import for silk products.

Surat is a zone of zari industries in India. Zardosi works of U.P is also a major product of zari work. Kanchipuram sarees have heavy zari works (Metallic Zari). Zari is anciently used in embellished attires of god, princess, Kings to showcase their exquisite luxury and royal class. Nowadays, metallic zari are in vogue which replaced gold or silvers threads and are cheap and also colorful and stylish.

Zari work on a dress material
Zari work on a dress material | Source

Paper Craft

Paper craft is related to our colorful, vibrant and splendid culture. Different colors of our cultures, traditions are shown in different colors of paper. Products which are made from Papercraft are lampshades, flowers, masks, kites, puppets, hand fans which make our houses extremely beautiful and dazzling when we decorate our houses from these colorful paper craft.

Paper Mache is another style of paper art and craft form. The decorating items, figurines, toys, boxes are popular products made of Paper Mache. In this craft paper are first mashed then flour, water, starch in a consistent quantity is added in the paste and then products are developed from these pastes.These crafts have huge demand and very popular craft form of India.

Paper Mache Crafts From India - Naqshband Sahib Shrine Fort


Leather Products

Leather articles and handicraft product have their own uniqueness. It enraptures the eyes of people. It also becomes a style statement for rich class. Leather products are popular worldwide.

Leather from an animal like cattle, camels is taken and after tanning process, different products are made from leather. India has a huge range of leather product which is heavily exported in international markets and enhances the country's GDP.

In India, different products made from leather are leather footwear, handbags, jackets, stuffed toys, belts, wallets, lampshades and much more.

Famous Mojiris of Leather in Leather Shop of Local Market

Mojiris from Rajasthan
Mojiris from Rajasthan | Source

Imitation Jewelry

Imitation Jewelry also has a huge demand in Indian as well as foreign markets. In India Jewelry is recognized as part of women life. A woman is incomplete without jewelry. Different religions and cultures have a different style and design of jewelry. Handmade jewelry is related to our vibrant tradition. This craft is not made of original gemstones but the replica of originals as they are cheap and popular in demand in India and nowadays, they are in vogue and are style statements.

Shopkeeper selling Imitation Jewelry
Shopkeeper selling Imitation Jewelry | Source

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      3 years ago

      nice description

    • Deepika ojha profile imageAUTHOR

      Deepika ojha 

      4 years ago from Rajasthan , India

      Indian handicraft have numerous styles and types . These handicraft types are hard handicrafts like items made of metals , wood and stones. These have their own regional styles


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