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Indonesia Handicraft - Very good business opportunity

Updated on August 22, 2010

Looking for good business opportunity in the art & craft industry?

Here's something you should consider! A business opportunity - importing goods from Indonesia! Indonesian Handicraft.

Guys, you should consider this opportunity if you're in the business. I just want to share with you guys... I just got back from a trip to Bali. I've found a lot of good stuffs in cheap price! Since I traveled a lot, I was thinking to find a handicraft shop at sydney or tokyo, then i just bought the selected handicraft in bulk and distribute it. Hows that...

indonesia handicraft! business opportunity

table decoration
table decoration
statue, lamps
statue, lamps
dining ware, traditional design, exotic!
dining ware, traditional design, exotic!

Indonesian Handicraft that I bought...

the height is about 18 inch. Find the details here:
the height is about 18 inch. Find the details here:
Cool rustique feeling! (Height 15 inch) I put this on my book shelf. Find the details here..
Cool rustique feeling! (Height 15 inch) I put this on my book shelf. Find the details here..

Top9 Indonesian Handicraft Store

There's one store in Bali that makes my mind suddenly thinking about this business. The shop called "Top9 Bali". They sell the best stuffs not only from Bali, but from all over Indonesia. Just the good stuffs, not the rough and bad quality like stuffs you found on streets of bali.

The Indonesian handicraft they sell, is incredibly cheap... their statues made of wood and some of them made of metals... are very cheap!!!! I bought an elephant statue made of iron and also a chicken statue made of wood... you know what... the cost is less than IDR 500,000 (less than US$50 !!!) Can you believe that!??? What happen if i buy stuffs in bulk? They said, the company will give big discounts! Oh yea... Stuffs like that elephant could sell at least AU$ 150 at Sydney (look at the image on right).

So my plan is simple, you all can try this... I'm sure it'll work! Copy all the catalog on their website, and build your own catalog using their images. Offer the Indonesian Handicraft to local shops at your city (can be interior accessories, handicraft stores, etc). Put a reasonable price tag, but you have to exclude the shipping fee. Ask them to buy in bulk,.. give discounts.. then write down all their request and send it to top9 Indonesian handicraft, just ask them how much everything, including the shipping to your country.

From the website of

In the website, they declare that all of their stuffs are the good ones, and we didn't need to collect many stuffs from different shops cause they have gathered the best... and they said, they knew which one that sells...

I just read this from their website:

"Why look for Indonesia Handicraft & Furniture? Indonesia Handicraft are one of the most unique arts with the high details on craftsmanship quality.

Indonesian Handicraft have been spreading around the world, some of them decorates luxurious homes owned by celebrity or other rich and famous high end people. Indonesian Handicraft are always conceptual and made from the bold tradition of Indonesia.

Now Top9 Bali brings you the opportunity to have Indonesia Handicraft delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is browse Top9 Bali Indonesia Handicraft & Furniture Catalogue.
You don't need to browse to a whole lot (probably thousands) of other Indonesia Handicraft websites, because Top9 Bali have picked the best and exotic - high end - top quality handicraft just for you who prioritize quality! Top9 Bali range of products are very wide, not only Balinese art, but we picked all the best handicraft from Indonesia in one store.

With years of experience dealing with foreign handicraft importers (from USA, Japan, Europe, etc), Top9 Bali knew which product will sell at your domestic market. In the past years, buyers bought our handicrafts in bulk while visiting Bali, now everything is just in your click! Visit Top9!"

There you go... a new opportunity awaits you! hope you'll find this useful!


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