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Infinity Loom

Updated on October 24, 2011

Let me start this with, I love my husband. And he loves me. He pays attention to things I like. And that's cool.

That's why, when he saw this bright green S shaped loom, he knew I'd be excited. And he was right. I researched online and found it was called an Infinity loom. And it's supposed to make afghans. Ok, well it's supposed to help you make afghans.

There are several pegs missing on mine but only five. Out of a lot. It's double rowed and the piece grows out of the middle. You start from one peg, wrap around each peg all the way around. Then you stop and do it all over again. Then you take your hook and wrap the bottom loop over the peg. If you're familiar with loom knitting then you know what I'm talking about.

I'm going to tell you staright up. I'm hard headed. I'm stubborn. And i just about out this thing back in the trash where my husband found it. I have used several different types of yarn. All of which I have used effortlessly on my round looms. The only one that hasn't caused me to throw the loom across the house is worsted weight. It's got a fair enough stretch to it. But the biggest thing is don't wrap too tight. Which is hard to figure out how tight is too tight when you're wrapping and trying to keep all your loops from coming undone.

I have actually had the yarn so tight that when I started to hook the yarn over the peg it snapped. And so did I. For your own sanity I say use worsted weight.

Don't get discouraged. With the round looms, I could bang out a hat, pair of socks, scarf, and mittens in a day. No lie. The whole prcoess of wrapping each peg on the Infinity, yarning over, pushing the yarn down and rewrapping takes a while. But you're also doing something about 5 foot wide or long. I guess it depends on how you look at it.

Now are there people who are way better at this than I am? Yeah. And I'm sure they've made beautiful pieces that will last their families a lifetime. Me, I'm working on my 5th line or row, whatever, of my variegated worsted wieght. It doesn work better. If I remind myself to keep my wrapping loose.

Would I recommend this loom to anyone? No. I would the round ones in a heartbeat. They are super easy to use. My 8 year helps me make things with those. This Infinity loom is definitely for an experienced, well coordinated loomer.

But, like I said, I'm stubborn and will continue to fight and curse at it until I get something of worth from it. Even if it is a five row five foot yarn belt.


Ok. So after looking very hard at my looming and my yarning I discovered I'm an idiot. Yes, folks, film at 11. When you get to the end of the loom, and after you yarn over, when you start to wrap the pegs again, make sure you have one yarn on the front of the peg. Not two. Two will make your life and knitting very, very difficult. Make sure when you rewarp your pegs that you have one yarn, not two. You have no idea how goofy I feel.

So this definitely makes me change my original opinion of this item. Now that I have figured out my mistakes, and yes I admit them too, I would say without a doubt I would recommend this loom to anyone. It is exceedingly easy to use. I'm just not as observant as I should have been.

Thank you all for reading this. And to the makers of the Infinity Looms, I am very sorry. As I previously stated, i am an idiot. Thank you.


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  • bschnabel profile image

    bschnabel 6 years ago from Vermont

    I've never seen round looms! They're really quite beautiful! SO intricate.

  • CASE1WORKER profile image

    CASE1WORKER 6 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

    Wow I have used round looms but never seen anything as comolicated as this one. Nice videos too.