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Tracking Intention & Progress:#1

Updated on July 11, 2016

Wannabe Artist, K8up

Karen is a chronic failure at following through.
Karen is a chronic failure at following through. | Source

Who is K8up?

Nice to meet you

I am K8up, and I am a wannabe artist and craft-gawker who has a mess of chaos where my bedroom is supposed to be that is chock full of scrapbook paper, ephemera, glue, paints, brushes, flattened boxes from cereal & crackers, empty oatmeal and instant coffee containers, wire, broken jewelry, beads, and cut up clothing, all waiting patiently to be elements of future endeavors of patchwork purses, gypsy tents, skirts, and furniture cushions, art/junk/scrapbook-journals, and a myriad of recycled and upcycled art-from-trash pieces for sale and display in some kind of "Etsy" shop or other, similar-type of e-commerce platform of the future. This pile of essentially junk (as it presently looks and stands) has existed for many years now (exactly 5 years, actually), and has been tackled and weeded out several times, wherein the amount of debris chosen at random without thought about what it is that fills a giant, black, lawn-sized trash bag is straight thrown into the garbage without a single regret nor a look back after it reaches the outside can; yet, it is still everywhere.

Artful Intention

Mixed media assemblage piece by K8up made in 2015.
Mixed media assemblage piece by K8up made in 2015. | Source

Intent and Progress

Therapist This is number one of a (hopefully) series of hubs that begin the week with an intention for an art project, followed by a progress report of the action (or inaction) that came of my intent. This week, beginning now on July 11, 2016, I intend to get all the mess organized into a workable shop/studio type of thing for future endeavors, finish up the mixed media sculpture called "Tidal", and Zentangle-style doodle the face of the Statue of Liberty. These three things are to be finished at the end of three days for a progress post on my actual success or failure in the action realm. The action realm of any idea I have is where I am very weak and unpracticed, which I hope (thru this blog thing) to treat, as though I am a self-rapist (Now, please don't weird out: I am simply making a pun out of the fact that the word Therapist is "The rapist" all put together into one word. I further state here and now that I am not at all insinuating that the idea of "rape" nor "rapists" are at all funny, mind you, so save the hate commentary for another Hubber, as I will have none of it. Besides, I have been sexually assaulted, myself, in the past - more than once - so if I was to be making humorous commentary on the subject, I have the right the way African-American decended Americans have the right to refer loudly to one another as "Nigga". So there.)...

See you in three days!

I must depart, a lot of work to be done. I shall report back on the evening of July 14th, 2016 on what happens next.


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