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International Artist Magazine - A look at one of the best art magazines

Updated on April 9, 2011

International Artist Magazine

Do you paint or illustrate and love to look at other peoples work, gain tips & techniques and look for inspiration?

As artists, the points mentioned above are something we all look to do and inspiration for our art can come from a wealth of places and experiences. Books, magazines and galleries are always an interest to the artist and there are many of all three.

With regards magazines, there is one magazine recently that has inspired me to dust off my paint brush and paint a lot more than I do normally.

The International Artist magazine is that magazine, and for me, is a step above the general art magazines that you can buy over the counter, many of which can be aimed at the beginner and don’t seem to have that extra quality feel.

Why the International Artist Magazine

The first thing that comes to mind is the consistent quality of the content within the International Artist Magazine. There is a lot of other quality content from various channels like the numerous blogs and sites we find on the Internet. For me, it’s the fact that every couple of months you have quality content, in a friendly format and I look on eagerly every couple of month for the new issue to hit the stands.

As mentioned, there are many areas where the artists can be inspired, find the latest news, tips & techniques, or marvel at the stunning works of art in front of them. The International Artist Magazine will give you all of the above, and if you are not used to reading a magazine, it will deliver this content in a new format that could trigger totally new inspiration.

There are many magazines that now can be viewed on devices like the ipad but as an artist I like the feel of a paper product that I can flip through, refer to and keep on display for inspiration.

International artist magazine - Quality Content

In my opinion the content of the magazine is second to none, being inspirational, informative and something to aspire to. I say ‘aspire to’ as the International Artist Magazine is a step away from the three other magazines I buy (Leisure Painter, the artist and Artist & Illustrator) which can pay to much attention to step-by-step, how-to articles. There are step-by-step demonstrations within the International Artists magazine of at least one painting but the emphasis is on the artist describing their approach, intentions, and working process, rather than to many how-to descriptions. Even with saying this, don’t get me wrong, as these other magazines are all very good and target a particular audience, but for me the International Artists magazine is a better quality magazine and something that I can aspire to.

The truly international focus of the magazine is something that is forefront and seems to be a unique selling point compared to other magazines I read.

Quality, interesting content for all artists

International artists magazine - Size and pricing

Size of the International Artist Magazine is also a fact in why this art magazine stands out above the crowd. Compared with the other magazines I buy it’s page extent is a lot greater running to around 144 pages, which gives the magazine a flat edge to the spine and makes it feel like good value for money. At £4.95 ($7.95) this is not much more expensive than other magazines that only run to about 60+ pages.

I want to mention the printing, as working in a design / printing environment I do pick up on this. Without being bias at all, the printing really is of a good quality and this should be the case with the subject matter being what it is, with the quality print showing through in vivid, stunning artwork for every issue.

Like I have mentioned, there are a lot of places to look at great art content but that does not stop me from waiting every couple of months for the new edition. Waiting to see what subjects have been covered and how. I am sure I can find similar information on-line if I was willing to trawl through mountains of unwanted information but the International Artist magazine delivers quality, inspirational material every two months, stunning artwork and without the need to trawl through various unwanted pages. That is certainly a bonus and a paper-based magazine I can refer back to is another bonus.


International artists magazine – Competition

Many artists like to show their work and enter competitions to do so and International Artist Magazine runs a themed competition in every issue (entry can be done on-line), with a gallery of the winners and runner's up from the previous competition. The paintings are accompanied by information on each artist's inspiration, design strategy, and working process. Something to aim for and possibly see your work in print within the pages of the International Artist Magazine.


If you are an artist looking for a magazine that will inspire you, give you quality articles on art from around the world and a competition in every issue, to name but a few points, then the International Artists Magazine is certainly worth a look and every penny.

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Do you read the International Artist Magazine, if so, what do you think of it?

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    • profile image

      Anna 5 years ago

      I agree with you...I love this magazine..great inspiration and quality content!