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Introduction To My First Blog

Updated on September 5, 2014


Hello there! This is my first blog on Hub Pages. My name is Kristleangel I will be posting with my online name of Kristleangel. I am a native Utahan that moved to Arizona a year ago and love it! I am pushing 40 (as far away as it will go) and have a “day job” that I would love to love but I don’t. I am going to start by telling you my “game plan” for this site. I plan to write 3 articles a week one on each subject I love and know about. I will include fact (always giving credit where credit is due) my opinions (hopefully based on fact as well) and advice from mistakes I have made myself. I will write about crafting, gaming, and kids. I am also open for suggestions. If there is something along those lines you want to know more about I will research it and write about it. I love to research new things.

For crafting I will post detailed instructions on how to make my favorite crocheting patterns. I will provide links to my favorite pattern sites as well as Etsy and Pinterest pages. I will also post on other crafts as well like painting, making hemp necklaces, and other things I find fun and/or interesting and want to share. I also have a lot of DIY ideas!

On gaming, I will find hints and cheats to my favorite games and share them with you. I am into more retro games and will talk about Sims2 and WOW a lot. I will use this blog to tell stories and information about the occult. I love ghost stories, and reading about magic.

I have five kids so I know a lot about family and kids that I will love to share. My children range in age from 24 yrs. to 8 yrs. old; 24 boy, 21 girl, 17 boy, and 8 boy and girl (twins). Oh the funny stories I have to tell about my family, it will be epic. I plan to write the same way I talk unless of course I am stating something important as fact, then I will say it most properly. I hope you enjoy my words and read my posts!


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