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Is Art A Talent?

Updated on August 6, 2016
Snow Forest by Nika
Snow Forest by Nika

Found The Passion?

When we were children, it is not a surprising fact that we always have a box of crayon somewhere in our house. Whether it is in our toy boxes, or in our desk drawers. We used them for various of reason: school projects, hobbies, or making cards for a family member, etc.

Then one day, some of us suddenly find ourselves in the world of creativity. It was as if it was a trap that we cannot escape. Our minds are filled with colors and ideas. We found happiness and enjoyment. We used art as a way to relieve our stress and sadness. Before we even know about it, it became our passion, and soon, it becomes our dreams.

"I tried so hard, but it is never good enough"

When we found our passion, we sacrifice our time to nurture our skills. But then one day we realized...our skills did not reach the goals that we wanted. Doubt built up, frustration set in, and we become discouraged.

Some people give up at this stage, however, some didn't. Those who did not give up believe that their skills would be better. Unfortunately, our determinations were not enough. The progress was still slow, and the doubts that we have cause anxiety to build up, causing us to stop trusting in themselves.

It is not surprising how one day we concluded that we have no talent.


When I was in high school, art was one of my most favorite class out of all of the other classes. Not because it was an elective and we have no homework, but it was because it is an art class.

I, too, also had listened to many complaints from my fellow classmates that had no interested in art . From the boredom of being in art to "we have no talent". However, it does not matter that they said at the end, all of the works came out was just as good, not even they themselves had expected that results.

Many think that you need talent in order to draw, but in this creative world, all you need is skill and patient. No matter if you are in art class or self-taught, patient and keep on practicing are the only two things that you will ever need to get yourself to be a better artist.

If you post your arts online, show off your sketches and finished artworks to the world, don't be afraid and hide in a bubble. Show the world your accomplishments. Do not compare yourself to other artists, because others also had to went through your struggles at one point, even if their levels of skills are different from you.

In your free time, research art books in the library or looking at references on the internet will also help. And also thanks to our technology, video tutorials are plenty for us to learn from.

Be patient with yourself and nurture your skills as much as possible. Art is not a competition. Everyone will be a master as long as they put their effort into growing their works. And the most important thing is to find happiness in art and never give up!


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