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Is Art For The Talentless Only?

Updated on September 26, 2017

For those of you who loves art and wish to make a career out of it, your parents might have disproved the idea. Some parents think, "what will you be in the future if you take arts?" or "all the money we spent on you will go to waste". Even worse, some parents would not even consider art-based career as a profession, or simply think of them as "a career for the talentless". This might seem unbelievable, but many people have claimed that if someone choose to major in art, it means that the person have absolutely no talents or skills in any other fields, that they decided to do art as their last hope.

However, it's been proven that none of these claims are true, and many art schools have tried to address this to no avail.

I'm honestly very aware of such parents' mindset, but yet I'm still shocked and very disappointed at such point of view because they're not seeing the big picture and simply think that just because there is one or maybe a few unsuccessful artists, means that they're not a good career path. In fact, other career fields, such as business, also often flop really bad, but I didn't hear any parents say that business is a terrible major. I guess the problem is they assume that since art doesn't really have any theories, calculations or research in them, it's a career field for idiots. But I strongly disagree to that, because there are a lot of successful and extremely talented artists in this world.

Film Director

I'm pretty sure there are some people out there that don't consider film directors as artists. But in fact, the term "art" is really ambiguous and vague, so anything that has some artsy elements into them can be considered art. And of course, Steven Spielberg's creations are considered art. He not only directs his movies, but he often writes his own movie scripts and how they are supposed to be played out.

Steven Spielberg's sketches of Jaws (1975)
Steven Spielberg's sketches of Jaws (1975)

Being able to produce dozens of spectacular movies using one's own ideas and creativity, Steven Spielberg definitely can't be considered an idiot, or an untalented person. If he's a talentless idiot, then how could he have thought of creating brilliant movies such as "Jurassic Park" or "Indiana Jones", which was highly admired by many? One has to be intelligent enough to nail the production of highly creative masterpieces; expressing their ideas, setting them up perfectly and make them come to life. Not any random person you see can do that.

Book Writer

One extremely intelligent book writer includes Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie created very brilliant works, such as "Murder on Orient Express" and "The ABC Murders". Would she be able to come up with such ideas, how the crime cases are written and fall perfectly in place, and also play around with the atmosphere of the stories if she's talentless? I certainly doubt that.

Agatha Christie's book covers
Agatha Christie's book covers


Now let's talk about another type of artist. An animator, for example, can be a very tough job. Being a professional artist does not only take a kid-drawing-like scribbles, but instead a more in depth detailed drawing that requires precision and perfection. One small mistake could ruin everything, and that mistake includes overlooked things such as wrong shading. These tasks requires more than an idiot to do. Even Hayao Miyazaki had to have an entire group of animators to help him with his creations. If it was a job meant for the talentless, he could have done this all by himself, and nailed them very easily.

List of Hayao Miyazaki's animations
List of Hayao Miyazaki's animations

And if it's for the talentless, then that means all comic artists would have never feared their publishing deadlines, because it's a very easy task. However, they fear deadlines because there's so much to do with a limited amount of time in their hands. Animating is not an easy job and may be useful in many different fields as well, such as advertising.

Performing Arts

Lastly, being a performing artist is also very hard. Let's take musicians as an example. If performing artists are meant for the talentless, then even the so-called "talented" people could be a performing artist for easy money. However, you can see that not everyone could sing or dance well (even if they were to try), and that you can't create your own professional song, dance performance or any kind of performance in a day's time. Also, if you hadn't already known, even Lindsey Stirling takes a month to practice her videos, and many of her videos are created with hazardous risks, so she has to be skillful with her moves to avoid getting killed. Therefore, it requires a huge amount of talent to be a performing artist.

Lindsey Stirling in this life-threatening fire scene.
Lindsey Stirling in this life-threatening fire scene.
The elongated cloths hanging on the wire frame will be set on fire
The elongated cloths hanging on the wire frame will be set on fire
Lindsey standing in the middle of the wire frame.
Lindsey standing in the middle of the wire frame.
Lindsey Stirling not dressed for the weather. She admitted to be freezing to death, but still nailed the scene.
Lindsey Stirling not dressed for the weather. She admitted to be freezing to death, but still nailed the scene.

An art-related career is not an easy career. It might look easy at first glance, but when you put your hands into it, it's in fact more complicated than what it seems. And yes, there are some artists that are unsuccessful in their career, and some parents thinks that it doesn't bring a good future for this reason. In fact, there is another "prestigious job" that also has equal amount of risk for being unsuccessful, which is business. If people don't like the products delivered by a business, then a business career will also flop. However, the parents only see the number of people that are rich and wealthy out of their businesses. Then why not also look at the artists that are rich and wealthy out of their creations? Probably because art doesn't involve lots of theories, calculations or a massive amount of research, but that doesn't mean that art doesn't involve thinking, because these three things are not the only things that involve thinking, creating a beautiful masterpiece also requires lots of thinking.

In conclusion, art is not for the talentless, and it requires lots of skills to master. Not to mention, there are lots of artists that finds success as well, just like how people of other jobs find their success.


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