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Is it Necessary to Know Code to Make a Website?

Updated on February 17, 2015
Do you need code for Web Design? Maybe not!
Do you need code for Web Design? Maybe not!

Coding is NOT mandatory if you can get it pre-made

Website coding can be a difficult language to learn. One wrong keystroke and the work to fix the problem can become a huge task. The people that know how to do it have been doing it for a very long time and they realize that not everyone has the ability to code a website, so they will, no doubt, charge you a hefty price for their expertise.

The truth of the matter is that with the advancements in website development, coding is no longer necessary in website production. Therefore, websites have become much more cost effective to build and maintain. Website development used to involve, at times, an entire team of people to build and keep the site up to date. There are now vast amounts of programs and online services that take the difficulty out of website development. You just need to know where to look.

There are a number of online companies and programs that offer website development for little or even no cost. The cost depends on the amount detail desired. A simple website consisting of a few pages and static imagery can be made for virtually no cost. A website with many pages, ecommerce, and animation can run up in the thousands of dollars. The dollar amount is truly dependent on the customization desired by the client.

With all these steps you might as well know code

The Generic Solution - Pros and Cons

Where to Start

The first step in building your website is obviously to nail down exactly what you are wanting. Every new adventure needs a roadmap and the roadmap here is to have a plan. Write down what is necessary in your website and what you can live without. Having a plan in place will help in every process of website development.

Where to Look

There are thousands of companies that claim they can help you design your own website with no coding needed. These website building companies use a number of premade templates to facilitate their customers. As with any internet based company, it is important to do the research and find the credible website development companies. There are a lot of scams out there. A little research will ensure that you do not lose money and time to them. Here are some that have proved credible.


One of the most popular website development companies of today, Wordpress offers website development in five easy steps. The basic website is free and upgrades can be purchased for a low annual fee. Wordpress is very easy to understand and maintain the website.


Another upstanding free website building company, but the catch here is the customization is very limited. Like most sites you can inport your HTML into Weebly. This would be more ideal for those using this site. A HTML template or such site would do well. Weebly is more suited for someone who has built websites in the past. The editor can be difficult to understand and customer service is less than applicable.

There are many other website building companies that can make your web dreams a reality, but these are simple to use and use no coding. No, it is no longer necessary to use code in order to make a website come alive. There are, however a few things you may have to give up if no coding is to be used.

The fact that a page can be made for many platforms without code should excite any person to make a webpage for either themselves or their business.
The fact that a page can be made for many platforms without code should excite any person to make a webpage for either themselves or their business. | Source

The more desirable solution

Customization Web Packages

We want everything customized today, cars, houses, even our dogs can be custom ordered in the breed or mix of breeds desired. If complete customization is what you are looking for in your website, you will not have it unless a coder is used or a website that is completely made for your needs is obtained. The website is complete and only requires you to input your needed information in order to have it to your needs. Of course, you can always hire a graphic artist to build your website based on your visual and user interactive needs.

The misconception that templates and non-user coded sites are substandard is just not true as you can see from this example.
The misconception that templates and non-user coded sites are substandard is just not true as you can see from this example. | Source

Complete Control

If you are one of these people who must control everything then you do need a coder. Certain aspects may not be available with every website builder, so do the research and make sure you know what you are getting into.

Websites have come a long way since the internet began. Website development has become more streamline and accessible to people from all walks of life. Where it once took a coder months to make a website, can now take a matter of hours. It is no longer a necessity to know code in order to build your dream website. However, it is beneficial to have a template or some point of reference to start from. Many of the drag and drop features of the site are too cliché if you are looking for a professional type of site. Purchasing a template or having someone make you a customized site provides more personality to these websites.

What kind of website do you own?

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    • profile image

      twodawgs 2 years ago

      There are many more options nowadays to easily build websites with content management systems that make it easy for site owners to develop their own static content, and even some interactive features, with no help from a skilled web designer, and pre-canned themes to work with the CMS's to present it nicely. The only sites that require skilled web professionals these days are ones that need custom web apps that interact with their customers or employees in a highly specific way.

      As a web pro, I like this development, because it allows me to focus my skills and energy on the really powerful stuff you can do on the web, and leaves the simpler stuff, like copy editing or replacing an image, or even changing a submission form, for site owners to take care of on their own. It's better for site owners, too, because they now have the tools to easily do what they need for themselves, or assign to a local employee, without having to schedule a web developer to do it. Win/win!