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It's Easy to Get Started in Scrapbooking!

Updated on August 23, 2009

Get Started In Scrapbooking: A Great Hobby!

 Many people want to get started in scrapbooking because it can be a creative and rewarding experience. A scrapbook is a great way to preserve pictures, memories or events that have special meaning. Each page can be a tribute to special times, special days or loved ones, and can be created with the use of many scrapbooking supplies. The tools needed to get started in scrapbooking can be found at many retail establishments such as craft shops, office supply stores and of course, scrapbook supply shops. Even dollar stores offer the basic tools required so you don't have to spend a lot of money to get started in scrapbooking!

Some of the essential scrapbooking supplies you will need are paper, pens, scissors, photos, adhesives and an album. Once you've got these basics you're ready to start planning your first scrapbook page!

With just a few basic supplies you can get started in scrapbooking!
With just a few basic supplies you can get started in scrapbooking!

Get Started In Scrapbooking With Your Family Photos

Start by sorting through your photos and deciding what theme you want to display on the page. Many people like to use themes in their scrapbooks. Scrapbook themes can add variety and individuality to the overall look and feel of a scrapbook page. They are what make your memories special. Scrapbook themes elevate your scrapbook from a plain photo album to a wonderful story book.

A scrapbook theme is not limited to just one certain day, occasion or person. Themes can be centered around someone's interests like music, sports or camping, or it can be based around an activity like horse-back riding, sailing or dirt-biking.

You can even incorporate holidays or seasons. A common theme that is popular is "a day at the beach." Once you've decided on a theme and selected your favorite photos, it's time to construct a layout. If you can't come up with your own layout idea, it's okay to look at some examples online or in a book and copy one that you find appealing.

Mixing fun colors of paper brightens up your scrapbook page!
Mixing fun colors of paper brightens up your scrapbook page!

Get Started In Scrapbooking: A Theme Is Important

Start by deterring the color scheme you wish to use. You can coordinate your paper colors to those found in the photos themselves or tailor them to the theme you've chosen. A patterned paper makes a great backdrop and can be accented with solid colors that complement the pattern. A plain mat or border sets your photo apart from the background. Many manufacturers provide sets of coordinated backgrounds and borders which can make it quite easy to design your layout.

The best way to organize your photographs is to lay them out on the background and see how they look. For your first layout, using a single large photo may be the easiest way to go. Once you've improved your scrapbooking techniques you can implement several photos on a page.

A really cute example of a scrapbook page made with basic supplies.
A really cute example of a scrapbook page made with basic supplies.

Get Started In Scrapbooking Even If You're Not Artistic!

 Framing your photos with creative paper borders can enhance a design. Special scissors are available that cut curvy or jagged designs and are great for adding detailed touches. Layering different colors of paper behind a photo can enhance the overall theme. For a beach motif, use light brown for sand and blue for water.

Now that you've got the layout completed and the photos placed, it's time to add some embellishments. Embellishments are decorative items such as stickers, buttons, ribbons, brads, eyelets, charms and die-cut shapes. Die-cut letters are perfect for adding a page title or a favorite saying.  For a personal touch, handwrite a story to go with your photos.

A few basic supplies and a simple layout are all you need to get started in scrapbooking, even for those who aren't artistic. So get scrappin' today!

A Look At Scrapbooking Papers Available

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