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Collage Art, What is Collage and how do I make my own?

Updated on July 13, 2013

What is collage Art

This is an insight into what collage art is all about.

By the end of this blog you will have learnt what is a collage, what materials you can use, different collage ideas, about collage artists and how you can make your own collage.

I will also recommend books and tools to help you create your own collages.

Pablo Picasso- created using newspaper, wallpaper & just any ramdom collectede papers
Pablo Picasso- created using newspaper, wallpaper & just any ramdom collectede papers

Collage and recommended books to help you into the world of collage

I love collage art. I discovered this technique during my teaching degree and fell in love with the free flow and creativity of the art form. It allowed me to express identity and experiences without necessarily using a paint brush to show what was on my mind.

I find this even more enjoyable when i am watching students experimenting and playing with collage application.

A collage is a technique of composing a work of art by pasting on a single surface various materials not normally associated with one another, as newspaper clippings, parts of photographs, theatre tickets, and fragments of an envelope.

Artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque made collages according to the principles of cubism.

These artists would use materials such as newspaper clippings, tobacco wrappers and wallpapers

Collages can be made/created using the following:

Materials such as old photographs, which can be applied on to paper neat, or scratched on, bleached, or even photocopied and coloured over.

Buttons, tags, newspapers, receipts, beads.

wallpaper, netting, fabric scraps.

You could possibly attach paper and with drawing pins with items of personal value on them.

Scraps of paper with sketches relating you your identity.possibly sketches of your features if appropriate.

Tickets stubs, clothing tags.

Rice, and lentils to produce a shape, pattern, symbol or words.

Use a quote as your starting point.

Cut letters out of newspapers to make words

And lots more!!!!

One of my favorite collage artists is Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Picasso produced around 70 closely connected collages, constructions, drawings, mixed-media paintings

Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, Picasso cut-and-pasted different materials together to create his collages.

Picasso would used materials such as newspaper, paper, string, cardboard, scraps of wall paper just to develop his work.

Picasso would draw a Guitar which was positioned in the centre to draw attention to his compositions.

I hope you all enjoy making and being creative with collage art.

My collage using mix media

My collage using mix media
My collage using mix media

The best thing about collage

Collage is a fantastic way of expressing your creativity.

This is a simple way to put your creativity to work and brighten someones day and your own.

You do not need to be good a drawing to collage.

You can create gifts for friends and family by adding collage to journals, diaries

You can make a plain sketchbook look more appealing which in turn makes other people want to open it to see whats inside.

Buy me

If your into collage or would like to give it a go i would recommend purchasing a few step by step collage books, seeing what you can create yourself.

These books are great for all ages and show simple techniques with step by step instructions.

Buy me

Creating a collage is simple and inexpensive although you will need two essential tools to help you. These are PVA glue and a pair of scissors.

Check this out

Craft Scissors for right and left handed people.

Check this out

Art materials


Collage books on eBay


collage fun

Pablo Picasso


Canvas prints


How to make collages

What material would you use when creating a collage?

I find that Lynne Perrella is a great collage artist go gain loads of inspiration from. Who is your favorite collage artist?

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      6 years ago

      Great and informative lens. Will be trying out my own collages today.


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