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Johannes van Vugt Dutch New European Painter

Updated on April 23, 2014

New European Dutch Painter

Dutch New European Painter Johannes Van Vugt was born in the Netherlands, not far from the Biesbosch, in a small village called Rijswijk NB, 9 years after WWII. He has developed into a true contemporary Dutch painter who, unconsciously, has made his way into the world of New European Painting. In his work one recognises a similar style and a similar hidden message as one finds in the work of New European Painters. The after WWII memories of the 50ties painted in plain colors such as brown, or grey, or even further reduced to shades of black and white, carry the traces of postwar trauma and express a very strong realistic message both at the conscious and subconscious level explaining feelings of fear, betrayal, horror, joy and desire. New European Painters may display a feverish urge to register these past memories with multi media, photographic and painted serial archives. This urge to store and remember that what has been, intensifies the process of installing visual images on the hard drive of humanity's unconsciousness. and functions for some as a warning against future repeat and for others as a healing for postwar trauma. As such, Johannes Van Vugt has made a considerable contribution to the Dutch New European Painting a facet of Dutch contemporary art that still has to become more developed. For all these reasons Johannes van Vugt's art deserves to be exhibited.

The interesting thing with the art of Dutch contemporary painter Johannes Van Vugt is seen in his by intuition chosen similarity of features and characteristics one finds within New European Painting. This New European Movement emerged in the 80ties. What are its features? Johannes paints series of events from his childhood on small canvas surface which gives the impression and has the appearance of a postcard. This serial aspect builds a connection with the New European Painters' serial display of personal memories in paintings. The New European Painters seem to share a common maybe unconscious mission that awakens and raises their audience awareness to the post traumatic traces of war, which in fact, have set the stage for today's world.

In its early days New European Painting was a dialogue between historical archive and figurality. And although painted at a later stage than those early days, Johannes Van Vugt's work expresses that relationship between these two aspects. In later years past the year 2000, however, New European Painting has become a renovative kind of figuration, which turns into art personal and photographical archives. Johannes van Vugt's contemporary paintings are inspired by personal childhood photographs as well as non personal images, combining his own experiences with those of other people's worlds thus making his work universal. He uses paint and canvas exclusively. It is interesting to see that contemporary painting such as the New European Painting has come back full circle to figurative art and even uses photographs which at previous times was something to be avoided in art. Read more on Johannes van Vugt here.


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