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JR | Street Artist Biography

Updated on March 23, 2013

Photography on Walls

Ever wondered how those amazing and huge photographs are displayed publicly on the side of buildings? One artist has been able to amaze the world through his photographs and large photographic installations.

About JR

Jr was born in France on February 22, 1983. Inspired by traditional graffiti, Jr became apart of the graffiti culture and movement during his teenage years. His change was completely changed the day he found a camera on a subway. He bagan to analyze and see people from different angles in his community- often enjoying the vertical limis by viewing people from forbidden undergrounds and roofs. His perception on reality and art was drastically changed and he quickly realized how street art was an excellent opportunity to deliver his message.

Currently, his most common form and method used to create his street art is by combining wheat paste and gigantic mono-photographs. Not only has he received much attention over the past few years, but one can easily recognize his unique photographs at any given time. More importantly, he has earned and received a TED prize for his amazing work. Not only is JR inspired to create marvelous pieces of art but he also dreams of bringing change to the world.

Jr's work can be seen both in the streets and also in galleries. Jr creates "pervasive art" on the worse places imagine. These locations often include slums of Paris, walls in the Middle-East, broken bridges in Africa, favelas in Brazil, or just about anywhere where he can witness the forgotten and less-fortunate. He often makes poverty famous for a day by displaying extra-large photographs publicly of those who never receive recognition.

Wheat paste is a form of paste used to paste up large printed out pictures, or paper, on to walls and solid surfaces. Street artists use this to display their work publicly on buildings, signs, and other locations.

TED Talk 2012

Wheat Pasting

Wheat paste has quickly risen as a common form of street art over the past decade. More and more artists are joining the pasting movement. Although it was traditionally used as a form to advertise concerts, shows, and products, it is now being used to beautify many cities- from a street art perspective of course. I have even created an excellent article about How to Create Wheat Paste.


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    • bizarrett81 profile image

      bizarrett81 4 years ago from Maine

      Such talent and beautiful work. Thanks for this!

    • Vimural profile image

      Vimural 4 years ago from Tucson

      Thank you! I truly enjoy his art and I am always on the look-out for any new projects.

    • bizarrett81 profile image

      bizarrett81 4 years ago from Maine

      It is truly amazing. It reminds me of another artist that I follow who does amazing work, Ray Ferrer. You should check him out, based on this I think you would like his work.!/urabanwallart?fref=ts

    • Vimural profile image

      Vimural 4 years ago from Tucson

      Oh yeah, his stencil work is nice! I have liked his page :D The link will not work, but I simply used instead

    • bizarrett81 profile image

      bizarrett81 4 years ago from Maine

      That's awesome! His work is amazing, and now thanks to you, I have another artist to look into !

    • lovingart profile image

      lovingart 4 years ago from London

      Absolutely Fantastic!!!! The scope of his work is stellar.

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