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Janome | Sewing Machine | Sewing Cabinets | Treadle Sewing Cabinet

Updated on November 2, 2012
Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine
Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine
Janome 712T Sewing Machine in cabinet
Janome 712T Sewing Machine in cabinet
Reproduction Treadle Sewing Machine Cabinet
Reproduction Treadle Sewing Machine Cabinet
Amish Deluxe Sewing Machine Cabinet
Amish Deluxe Sewing Machine Cabinet
Treadle option
Treadle option
Hydraulic lift
Hydraulic lift
Built in spool rack
Built in spool rack
Dovetail drawer construction an Amish craftsman standard
Dovetail drawer construction an Amish craftsman standard

Janome (JA-No-Me) a Japanese sewing Machine Company, which traces its roots back to the 1920s.

During the companies first 40 years the Janome name became as popular to the Japanese as Singer was to Americans.

The company purchased New Home Sewing Machine Company in the United States in 1960 and has become one of the world’s most popular sewing machines.

Janome brought a new bobbin design to market which made the machine fast and dependable. Despite the temptation to flood the US with cheaply made products, Janome held to its quality foundation that has built the company into a worldwide leader in the sewing machine industry.

Janome makes all types of fancy electronic sewing machines and with its vast technical abilities has even moved into building robots.

Janome leadership in the sewing machine industry was brilliant, instead of trying to make one size fit all sewing machines they embarked out to target specific sewing enthusiast and design a sewing machine to appeal specifically to their individual needs.

One of the machines the Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine was made specifically for the Amish non-electric communities.

Janome pretty quickly realize the growing Amish population would soon run out of sources for the antique treadle power sewing machines that the Amish depended on.

The Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine has now crossed back over to those who are moving back to a more self-sufficient who want to become free or less dependent on the “Grid”. Treadle Power is back in demand for those wanting to sew by human power.

One of the chief complaints of the owners or owners to be of the Janome 712T is that tables and cabinets are hard to find that will fit the 712T as well as house the foot treadle needed to operate the machine.

Most sewing machine cabinet builders only build for electronic machines and could care less about providing a treadle option.

Some have purchased old fashion antique treadle sewing cabinets and tried to retrofit them to the Janome 712T Treadle Machine.

At best the cabinets are functional but not very pretty as the preferred handyman conversion starts with a jig saw and a lot of guessing of making a template to fit the newer style machine.

Most conversions end up as an open sewing table with the machine stuck in the top leaving jagged edges for fabric to catch and snag on.

The mounting pegs from the older machine used in the cabinet don’t match the Janome leaving the fold down option no longer useable.

Many Janome 712T owners are finding their cabinets within the Amish communities. As these machines caught on in popularity by the Amish, they also began building sewing cabinets to house the treadle and model 712T machines.

Some of the cabinets are elaborate to simple, but all are Amish handcrafted from solid hardwoods and can become pretty expensive to purchase and ship because of the labor intensive handcrafted cabinetry and their weight. An Amish built oak sewing machine cabinet can weigh up to 300lbs.

Amish handcrafted sewing cabinets will not only fit the model 712T, a simple template in the top of the cabinet can be cut to fit any sewing machine made, electric or treadle. This makes the cabinets universal for years and generations to come.

Considering the Amish view sewing as a necessity next to cooking, their sewing work center also becomes a family household hub. Let’s just say it’s the executive desk for the Amish lady of the house.

Not only will the Amish make 95% of their family clothing on the sewing cabinet, the Amish girls will also learn sewing skills to carry on to the next generations of clothing makers.

It is not uncommon for the Amish to house several generations at one time in the same home all making clothing and sewing items on a Janome 712T flatbed sewing machine.

If you own a Janome 712T sewing machine or plan to purchase on and are looking for a quality custom cabinet you can find them on line at such stores as Cottage Craft Works .com.

These cabinets are generally custom built so they can be customized to individual needs, making them comfortable to people who would like to have sewing items on the left or right hand side, a table top extended, or custom stain and finish to match your home.

Other sewing equipment can be added such as a serger machine compartment. Best of all these cabinets can extend out to make a wonderful work area, but also fold up into one cabinet that looks like a nice piece of custom furniture when guest come to visit.

Instead of the problematic cable lift system on the older treadle cabinets, these have a hydraulic lift mechanism to push the machine down into storage or to tap and lift it up for sewing.

Cottage Craft Works even carries a reproduction cabinet that resembles the old singer open treadle design cabinets to hold the Janome 712T Model. This cabinet will also accommodate the antique Singer 15 Class sewing machines.

You can purchase Amish sewing cabinets and the Janome 712T at Cottage Craft Works .com


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It is so sad that mechanical sewing machines are so hard to find. Thank you very much for this interesting article!


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