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Jaskolka Sculptures: Defining the Medium of Big Art

Updated on August 9, 2017
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I am interested in art and the artists involved making pieces of interest. Art tells us stories and helps us learn meanings and messages.

Background of Jaskolka Sculptures

Jaskolka Sculptures, which is based out of Connecticut, USA, is an ongoing project and endeavor by artist Joseph Jaskolka. Joseph is the owner and chief operator of Legends Farm in his home state of Connecticut and has sprawling and pristine lands complete with manicured fields and vast woodlands.

Many years before Joseph created his first sculpture, he attended a local university to study a vast array of artistic interest including writing, painting, and drawing. It was around this time in Joseph life's journeys when on a walk around his farm, he began formulating some concepts and ideas for art, in the shapes and character of the stones around the property that he saw.

Joseph saw these stones as an opportunity to make a grand statement in art and sculpture, to do something unique and different than the usual art concepts in our world, while conveying deep and meaningful messages. Let's look further into some of the works of Jaskolka Sculptures.

''Minotaur Bound'' on Display

Minotaur Bound was being shown at Seti Gallery in Kent, Connecticut.
Minotaur Bound was being shown at Seti Gallery in Kent, Connecticut. | Source

A Closer Look at ''Minotaur Bound''

Minotaur is a sight to be seen up close, note the handcuffs and the authentic nose ring.
Minotaur is a sight to be seen up close, note the handcuffs and the authentic nose ring. | Source

About ''Minotaur Bound''

At 11 feet tall and 4.5 tons, ''Minotaur Bound'' is big art that makes a large statement. Joseph uses as little embellishment to the stones as possible, and the goal of the artist is to use the rock in its states of nature, to further enhance primal metaphors of the earth in its natural glory. Many of Josephs works are inspired by mythological teachings and ''Minotaur Bound'' is a prime example.

The roots of Minotaur come from Greek mythology, which is a man's body with the head of a bull, meant to be sacrificed but instead bound in chains because of its immense power. Later in the story, Minotaur is killed by Athenian hero Theseus. The sculpture by Joseph portrays the beast effectively, bound to the two pillars in chains.

''Minotaur Bound'' along with Joseph traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan and was displayed at the annual Gerald Ford Presidential Museum art show, where it was shown to rave reviews.

''Minotaur Bound'' now resides in the state of New York through a private sale of the sculpture.

''Achilles'' at Legends Farm

Another sculpture by Joseph is ''Achilles'' which resides at his Legends Farm. Once again, the artists uses Greek mythology, forging together rock and earth elements, to this time pay homage to the fierce warrior, Achilles. This was also the first sculpture made by Joseph to feature the subject in a kneeling position. It is also an early work of Joseph, as it was and remains strategically placed in one of the open fields to maximize viewing the various angles of the piece, to further enunciate the details. The sculpture is to remain at the property for the foreseeable future.

''Achilles'' by Jaskolka Sculptures

Jaskolka Sculptures interpretation of the Greek mythological warrior Achilles. Many of the stones used in the sculptures are from Legends Farm.
Jaskolka Sculptures interpretation of the Greek mythological warrior Achilles. Many of the stones used in the sculptures are from Legends Farm. | Source

Always Creating

Joseph continues to work on his sculpture projects, and plan to do so for years to come. Some of the other works of Jaskolka Sculptures are for sale, some are not. Joseph also loves to talk about his art and trade ideas and is receptive towards collaborations and thoughts for new and unique projects.

The Artist Joseph Jaskolka

Joseph creating art at his Legends Farm
Joseph creating art at his Legends Farm | Source

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