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Jean-Michel Basquiat Beautiful Soul

Updated on April 24, 2012

Jean-Michel Basquiat was born in 1960, December 22, In Brooklyn New York, Basquait was an American neo- expressionism artist, he expressed himself through his paintings which were very poetic mixed with graffiti accents. His Art career begin in NYC in the mid 1970s. Basquiat was fluent in french, Spanish and English, due to his Hatian and Puerto Rican background. Basquiat started his graffiti art in the streets, putting his works of art on buildings and subway carts, early in his career he went by the name SAMO (Same Old Shit). Basquiat was determined to make it, left high school and started living with a friend, selling his art on t-shirts and post cards. In the 1980s Basquiats art became publicly known, and the Radiant Child was born, Basquiat became famous. Basquiat exhibited his art all over New York City and Europe. Around 1983 Baquiat became really good friends with Andy Warhol and collaborated on many pieces that became the trendy pop art that graces our living room walls and gallerys today. With Basquiat new fame and fortune a down side of drugs and the fast life began. Basquiat had many lovers, the most famous and pop icon, Madonna, begin dating Basquait and had a hot love affair for some time, while still in a relationship with long term girlfriend Suzane Malouk, which heated up some drama between Basquiat and Madonna.

Basquiats Version Of Mona Lisa

Hidden Codes In Basquiat Work

  • The Copy Right Symbol: (C) Basquiat often used this symbol in his work to show a sign of ownership, he also randomly used the Notary Seal as well.
  • The Hobo sign: Symbolizes being homeless, and it's a sign that homeless often used to communicate with one another, but for Basquiat, it also meant, "You'll get cursed out"
  • The Crown: That's often used in his paintings, represented himself, and if the crown is placed on others, it represented respect and admiration for the other person he referred to in his work..
  • The Lineage sign: Is a symbol for his family life, but also means "Man Dies"

Famous Quotes By Basquiat

* I wanted to be a star, not a gallery mascot!

* I am not a black artist, I am an artist

* I thought In was going to be a bum for the rest of my life

* Believe it or not, I can actually draw

* I start a picture and i finish it

* Since I was 17 I thought I might be a star, Id think about all my hero's, Charlie Parker, jimi Hendrix...I had a romantic feeling about how these people became famous.

* I don't think about art when im working, I try to think about life.

* I had some money, I made the best paintings ever. I was completely reclusive, worked a lot, took a lot of drugs, I was awful to people.

* I don't listen to what art critics say. I don't know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.

Grays Anatomy

A Major resource used though out Basquiats career was the Grays Anatomy book, which his mother gave him while recovering an injury in the hospital as a little boy. This book influenced him most and the anatomical drawings and prints can be found in his paintings. Basquiat started an experimental rock group in 1981, Basquiat named the industrial/electronic band GRAY, after Grays Anatomy. Gray preformed at the Mudd Club and also Hurrahs in New York City where the popular Blondie use to preform. Basquiat referred to his own music as, "abrasive, incomplete, and oddly beautiful".Gray is also featured in the film Downtown 81, using 4 powerful songs on the soundtrack.

I wonder if Jean-Michel Basquiat And Andy Worhol are running around in the after life, making beautiful art together?


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    • cherrycrime26 profile imageAUTHOR

      January Moon 

      6 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      @Goldie Lopez He is still truly amazing :-)

    • profile image

      Goldie Lopez 

      6 years ago

      I love the Arts and writing...

      because of Jean Micheal I found myself creating so pretty interesting pieces. He inspired me truly. .! Though I was wondering what kind of poetry was he into?

    • cherrycrime26 profile imageAUTHOR

      January Moon 

      6 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      @Allissia Well Art Royalty runs in your blood :-)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Yea that's my great uncle we miss him dearly

    • cherrycrime26 profile imageAUTHOR

      January Moon 

      6 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      @AllissiaBasquiat Oh my, are you related to the great Basquiat?

    • profile image

      Allissia Basquiat 

      6 years ago

      SAMO forever lives in my blood

    • cherrycrime26 profile imageAUTHOR

      January Moon 

      7 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      @Epigramman Yes I have, im a big fan , i love art, he was such a tortured soul, hes candle burned out long before i could ever get a chance to meet him :(

    • epigramman profile image


      7 years ago

      ...well you talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to the art world - you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Have you seen the movie based on his life?

    • cherrycrime26 profile imageAUTHOR

      January Moon 

      7 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      @Bkcreative im New Yorker as well, love and miss basquiat

    • BkCreative profile image


      7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      How very interesting that his mother gave him a copy of Gray's Anatomy - and he made use of it. A true artist can find inspiration everywher.

      Being a Brooklynite myself and a native New Yorker,I'm familiar with Basquiat.

      Thanks for this tribute - it inspires me!

    • cherrycrime26 profile imageAUTHOR

      January Moon 

      7 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      @Dexter hes one of my all time favorite artist, just a beautiful person inside out, wish he would have lived longer.

    • Dexter Yarbrough profile image

      Dexter Yarbrough 

      7 years ago from United States

      Such a brilliant artist with such a sad ending. In 2007, a painting he did sold for over $14 million dollars. Nice hub!


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