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Jewel Kade: Modern, Vintage, Keepsake

Updated on July 10, 2012

Elizabeth's Jewel Kade Display

Elizabeth's Jewel Kade Display
Elizabeth's Jewel Kade Display | Source

A friend, Elizabeth Lumpkin, posted that she was now a stylist for Jewel Kade. Her personality would be an absolute fit for at-home sales. She is cute, bubbly and creative! But my question was, “Is Jewel Kade any different than other at-home opportunities?” I wished her the best. But I was curious, what was Jewel Kade?

I looked at the product line on their website. They described themselves perfectly! They are handmade, modern pieces with a vintage/keepsake appeal. They are more than jewelry! I will admit. I was very impressed.

Watch the Jewel Kade Story!

What Makes Jewel Kade Special?

This isn’t costume jewelry. This isn’t fine jewelry either. Elizabeth likes to think of it as fun jewelry with a special meaning. When you think of handmade, you can also think of expensive! Elizabeth assured me that there is something for everyone. Prices range from $5-$75+.

Jewel Kade has some beautiful pieces. But why become a stylist?

One of Elizabeth's favorites: Jewel Kade Vintage Coin Necklace With Initial

The Vintage Coin Necklace With Initial
The Vintage Coin Necklace With Initial | Source

Becoming a Jewel Kade Stylist

Elizabeth, from Virginia, attended Virginia Commonwealth University earning a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in Interior Design. She is now a stay at home mom with 3 children ages, 7, 4 and 2. Last Christmas, her mother gave her a necklace from Jewel Kade. The rest was history!

She admits that the instant appeal was this was handmade wearable art that she wanted to share with others! Having an Art background she tended to have a huge appreciation for things that are handmade. She smiled recalling her first piece. It was love at first sight when she opened the gift that her Mom gave her: the Hazel initial charm & small oval link chain.

She later went to JK’s website to see what the entire line was like. She was pleasantly surprised. She loved it all! Elizabeth recalls, “When I saw the Become a Stylist link, I read more & quickly decided, this had my name written all over it!” After much prayer & discussions with her husband, she was well on her way to signing!

Photo Charms by Jewel Kade

I created my own Photo Charm in only minutes!
I created my own Photo Charm in only minutes! | Source

Earning Extra Money With Jewel Kade

Elizabeth figured that she might just earn some additional income that could be set aside for extra family getaways or as a means to afford a few extra activities for the kids. During her launch, her excitement went through the roof! She wanted to share JK Magic with her friends, including several also Stay-at-Home Moms! She had such a successful launch and first party! She knows the sky is the limit with this ground-floor opportunity! There are currently only 2500 stylists nationwide.

It is estimated that the average party takes about 2 hours and yields $600 in sales. At 25% commission, you’ll earn $150 per Party. At 30% commission you’ll earn $180 per Party.

Jewel Kade Jack Tag With Chain

Personalize the Jack Tag: A Unique Version of The Dog Tag
Personalize the Jack Tag: A Unique Version of The Dog Tag | Source

How To Become A Jewel Kade Stylist

If this opportunity interests you, Elizabeth suggests hosting a party. Use the "JK Kash" you receive towards the cost of the Starter Kit which is $249 (Retail Value is $600+). Check out Elizabeth’s own JK Site,, to find out what the starter kit includes. There are some amazing products and tools! Elizabeth also mentioned a "Charming Start" program for new stylists. She was fortunate enough to take advantage of “Charming Start” which includes:

  • Earn 5% of your total sales in free product. (Minimum qualifications apply.)
  • Earn $50 in free product for each new Stylist you sponsor!
  • Use your Charming Start credit toward ANY product you want!

Monthly Requirements As A Jewel Kade Stylist

I have gone to parties that I have thought, “I could sell this!” But, then I realize that there are monthly requirements and sales quotas. I am turned off.

I was wondering and asked Elizabeth, “How much are you required to sell each month?” She laughed and told me that there are no minimum monthly requirements or inventory. As a result, she is excited every time she has an upcoming party! It's a "Girls' Night Out" and tons of fun! She admits, “Sometimes I forget I am "working"!” This gives her a chance to have a break from the job of "Mommy". She feels so blessed by the friendships she has made along the way! Because of the lack of sales quotas, she said that she don’t have to use pushy sales tactics to be successful either.

Elizabeth Recommends the Jewel Kade Last Dance with the Hazel Initial Charm

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Last Dance NecklaceHazel Initial Charm
Last Dance Necklace
Last Dance Necklace | Source
Hazel Initial Charm
Hazel Initial Charm | Source

Talent Used As A Jewel Kade Stylist

The jewelry really sells itself. After understanding the product line better, I understood that Elizabeth really is a stylist. She spends more time helping customers decide on various combinations. An example is the Magnolia Metals line. You can select & personalize charms with birth-dates, anniversaries, kids' names or initials, etc. These are probably one of their most popular lines. One reason is because they are so affordable. The ball chains start at just $5. Additionally, they are very fashionable & personal! Elizabeth said that the Magnolia Line and the Photo Charms are the most popular. Her personal favorites are the Last Dance with her Hazel Initial Charm and the Vintage Coin Necklace with initial.

How Do Jewel Kade Stylists Learn More And Have Fun?

There are monthly meetings which are fun, and always include training and helpful tips! There are also Regional Meetings. Elizabeth is so excited to attend the Annual Convention. For 2012, it will be in July in Alpine, Utah, where JK's Home Office & Production Studios are located!

Another way stylists have fun is thru the incentive trips programs. Elizabeth definitely hopes to qualify for incentive trips to amazing places like Cancun and Bahamas.

How Can You Order Jewel Kade Products?

I know Elizabeth and I could order from a party and pay standard tax plus 5% shipping. There is an extra fee to choose direct ship when ordering from a party. But, for my readers outside of our area, how can you order? Elizabeth suggests going to her website, You can order directly from there. At this time, they only ship domestic US and to US Military Bases.

Jewel Kade Mother's Day Charms

Lucky Mom Blue Charm: Perfect for Mother's Day!
Lucky Mom Blue Charm: Perfect for Mother's Day! | Source

Jewel Kade Is Different

I know Elizabeth will do an amazing job as a Jewel Kade stylist. Her personality is a perfect match. The product lines are unique. These are lifelong heirlooms! With the personal touches, they aren’t just a piece that you would find shoved in the back of your jewelry box months or years later. If you are like me, and had never heard of Jewel Kade, please check out Elizabeth’s site,!

Think Mother’s Day. Think Birthdays. Think Holidays.

What a unique, personal and thoughtful gift option.

© 2012 Karen Lackey


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