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Jewelry Designing Tips

Updated on May 31, 2013

Designing a piece of jewelry is a pure joy, and a designer has to enjoy his/her designing to bring out the best creation. After all, for most of the designers, designing is either fun or a way of relaxation and meditation.

Source of Inspiration


Never dispose old designs, and not even rough concepts or sketches. You never know, when you might need those.

As a beginner, if someone is searching for inspiration from outside world, then give it a second thought. Instead, source of new ideas lies within oneself - search within, and not outside.

If new ideas and concepts are not flowing, then the designer should flip through his/her old designs. By going through past work, one can stimulate the thinking process and can come out with a completely new piece of work.



Designing table must be clutter-free, as this helps in keeping work well-organized.

It plays an important role in putting down the perfect work. It's paramount to keep the work-area calm and quite.

If it’s too distracting, then it will be difficult to concentrate on any creative work.



Visualize the design in detail before picking up the stationery and sketching it.

This helps in inducing clarity of thoughts and saves lot of rework. It may be surprising to know that visualization actually makes the designing work smoother, faster, and leads towards perfection.

Realistic Designs


There is no point in designing a jewelry piece if it’s not realistic enough to be fabricated.

For a designer, designing a jewelry on a piece of paper is not end of the work. It actually starts from there.

A designer must know if the design is practical, feasible and whether it will be affordable to the target buyer.

Learn from Others


Visiting jewelry shops and various jewelry exhibitions gives a lot of exposure. Sitting with craftsmen and watching how they work, gives practical knowledge of jewelry making.

While looking into someone else work, a designer must always observe details like:

  • What techniques are used?
  • How motifs are blended?
  • If it’s an abstract design, then attention should be paid on how the work is balanced.
  • If it’s a symmetric design, then perfection of both sides (along the line of symmetry) should be examined.
  • Craftsmanship - like how the stones are set, settings that are used, etc. - should be noticed.

However, as a designer one should never try to imitate or copy others design.

Keep it Simple


Filigree, embossing and engraving should never be used all in one piece. Don’t blend metals - like white, yellow, rose gold and copper - all in one piece.

Simpler the design, more beautiful it will look after fabrication. So, cluttering a design with too many elements is a strict No!

Here elements mean - choice of metals, settings, techniques, color, etc. Too many elements kill the design, so let it breathe!

Come out of Trends Trap

Last but not the least, a designer shouldn't always think and design per the latest trend. As an artist, he/she must follow instincts and should strive for creating something new and unique. One never knows, others may get inspired from the original and exclusive work.

Following and remembering these basic Do's should definitely help beginners in creating their own name and space in the world of jewelry design.


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    • megha-agrawal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Pune

      Thanks for appreciating the idea :)

    • Lady Summerset profile image

      Lady Summerset 

      7 years ago from Willingboro, New Jersey


      I like your idea about putting your design on paper. I never did that! Duh! LOL!


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