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Jewelry: The Analysis of a Chain of Rocks and Beads - Mixed Media

Updated on June 17, 2016


When I think of jewelry, I think about necklaces. I like necklaces and wear them with my dress up clothes.

My daughter wears a lot of color coordinated beads with her clothing. Her jewelry choices complement whatever clothes she is wearing. Me, not so much. I just wear mine. If it doesn't match my clothing, I'm just a social outcast and I deal with that.

[Smile] You know, the shunning in the streets. People avoiding my eye as they walk past. All because of my mismatched jewelry. Know what I mean? I even see it on the highway. There are some people who will try to hit my car with their car on the highway, just because of my mismatched jewelry. I should just stay home and not create dilemmas. [smile]

Favorite Necklace

I do have a favorite necklace. It's got puka shells and various dark beads. There are several beads on it that are a turquoise color. Those blue beads catch people's eye when I wear it. They pop.

Well, not literally pop, just - that's what people notice. Well. The cross is nice. It's a charm that is connected to the middle of the beads. Charms are nice. I have a few ideas for new necklaces..


I do not have a lot of necklaces with chain. Chain is metal and reacts with my skin. I seem to have metal allergies, so most of my necklaces use a string that is like fishing line or cord. Simplicity is good, too.

I took a piece of white string and put one of my walnut slices on it and wore that with a t shirt. It was casual and people noticed and complimented it. They thought it was cool.


One of a kind jewelry is classic. To have the only one of its design. Jewelry becomes an art form. You can mix media.

In my yard, I plan to collect things to make natural jewelry. I was inspired by another person who makes jewelry from cut fruit, encapsulated in a clear resin. I don't plan to use fruit, but I do have acorns and I do have walnuts.

Walnuts have such beautiful, natural interiors that should make an interesting bead.

Safety First

Those rocks are beautiful to see once they are cut. I shuddered to watch this person cut the rock, expecting the rock to catch and the fingers to get a nick or two, or completely fall off. Isn't that rock beautiful?

I watched the video. It's somewhere on YouTube. Under cutting a rock. Lapidary work.


My hair gets caught in my jewelry. Gets twisted up in it and then rips out of my head. Someday, perhaps someone will invent jewelry that doesn't entangle itself in your persona.


When you go to certain events, you get free necklaces. Those are fun.


I have some necklaces that were chokers that I need to either take apart and restring or add another string to the end.

This heart choker came with matching earrings and a bracelet. I do not know where the rest of my stuff is, but I'm sure, in my mess somewhere.


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