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37 Creative Journaling Tips and Theme Ideas

Updated on April 23, 2017
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

If you have ever wanted to write in a personal journal book, but didn’t know where to start, this article has links to sites that will answer all your questions. There are tips to help elementary kids know what to write in their journal, and there are prompts for older kids and adults that give ideas to aid their journal writing.

Make your journal book personal by decorating the cover. You’ll find links here to help you with ideas for making your journal look special and unique, and there are ideas for decorating covers of journals which you have purchased.

Other links that you’ll find, included in this article, are links to learn how to make a journal book from scratch. In other words, you’ll see how to make the pages, the cover, and instructions on how to put the book together.

The Let's Make a Journal tutorial, to make the journal books shown above, is found at torta gialla.

1. Travel Journal

This travel journal is better than just a photo album, for keeping memories alive of a fabulous vacation. To personalize your plain journal, go to the a pair & a spare site for instructions. You'll also find ideas and tips about what to include in your travel journal.

2. Journal Writing Tips for Kids

Some easy and simple tips to help the kids decide what to write about in their journals. Teachers may like these tips for their class. The journal writing tips for kids is found at Journal Buddies. Tips------Not Rules!

3. Journal Writing Tips For Teens and Adults

This article gives some very basic journal writing tips that let you know that you can enjoy making a journal. To just relax and enjoy the experience. You'll find this short, and to the point, article at WritetoDone.

4. How to for Bible Journaling

5. Journal Writing Prompts

When you go to the penzu site, you will find journal writing prompts that include these titles: "Write about the Past," "Write about Yourself," "Write about the Future," and more.

6. Art Journal Theme Ideas

What you'll find in this article found at artjournalist is a great list of theme ideas and what to include in your journal.

7. Fabric Journal Cover

You can learn how to make fabric journal covers by going to the she makes magic site for the tutorial. Choose any color, or print, fabric that you love.

8. Cover With Denim

I can see this as a cover for any themed journal, but especially a gardening journal, or a country visit journal. Find the instructions for making this journal cover at LIFE MADE creations.

9. Chalkboard Covers

Consider covering a journal with a chalkboard cover as a gift idea for a teacher. Or how about a chalkboard cover for a senior year memories book? As a gift or for yourself, go to Kojo Designs for the tutorial on how to make the chalkboard covers.

10. Felt Owl Cover

You'll have an easy time making a felt journal cover like this one at HOMEMADE GIFTS MADE EASY. You'll fine the instructions on how to make the felt cover by going to the site.

11. Personalize the Cover

Check out some great ideas for personalizing your journal cover at Dragonfly Spirit studio.

12. Making an Art Journal Page

You'll find the tutorial for making an art journal page when you visit the Navigating By Joy site. After checking this page out, I'm sure you'll think of many ways to make your own art page. The beautiful thing about art is that you can see a project that someone else has made, and then make changes that make the art unique to your style.

13. Making Paper for Your Journal

14. How to Make Recycled Paper

It looks like making paper from old newspapers could be a bit messy, but it also looks like fun. Go to the Mama Liberated site to see how she makes the paper. An interesting looking project, and so appropriate to use in journaling.

15. Composition Notebook Journal

The Craft Floozy shares a tutorial for making a personal journal using a composition notebook. An outstanding journal making project, one that will be easy to make. Nice instructions.

16. Old Book Journal

This project, with instructions on the Baking and Life site, shows us how to make a personal journal using an old book. Part of the fun of journaling is making your own unique journal. Plus, when you make a number of themed journals, you might need a bunch.

17. Little Notebook Journal

Not every journal book has to be large sized. Try making some of your journals with little notebook sized journals. The tutorial for making these little notebooks is found at HOMEMADE GIFTS MADE EASY.

18. Art Journal From a Book

This project, with instructions found at LIL BLUE BOO, explains how to prepare the book pages for journaling. A very informative article.

19. Easy Kid's Journal

Make a simple and easy journal for a child's use. Find the directions for making this journal at Craft Snob.

20. Packaging Material Hardbound Journal

Imagine using packaging materials to make a hardbound journal. You can do just that by following the tutorial found at Creativity Prompt.

21. Leather Journal

Find out how easy it is to make a leather covered journal by going to the Balzer Designs site. This would make a nice journal to make as a gift for a gentleman.

22. Pasta Box=Journal Cover

Notice the window in this journal cover. Now you can see how this could be made from of a pasta box. See how to cut the pasta box and how to make the cover by going to Living the Creative Life.

23. Leather Journal with Flap

This a little different than the other leather journal in that it has a flap added. Find the directions for making this leather journal at Cynthia Shaffer.

24. Creative Journal Theme Ideas

This site has a list of creative journal theme ideas. Take a look and you'll probably find a theme that will make you want to journal it. Find the list of ideas at PAINTERS OF LOUISVILLE.

25. Nature Journal for Wee Folks

Help the kids make a journal, and then they can use it to keep all their nature treasures and ideas. To make this journal book for the kids, go to WEE FOLKS ART for directions.

26. Travel Journal

What a great idea this is. How many times do we collect items while on a vacation and then lose them because there was nowhere to safely stash them. Keep all the mementos and write about your travels. Find the instructions for this travel journal at Thrifty TRAVEL MAMA.

27. Create a Friendship Journal

A journal for yourself. The ideas in this article are for making a journal about your personal friends and friendships. You'll find these ideas at about relationships.

28. Memory Journal to Gift to Friend

Gift for a friend. The ideas in this article are about how to make memory journals to gift to your friends. To to the about relationships site to see all these ideas.

29. Create Your Own Idea Journal

30. Quote Journals

Do you love quotes? Make these little quote journals and have them ready for quick gift giving. Find all the information you'll need to make the quote journals at the CHIC.

31. Sewing Journal

I certainly wish I had thought of making a sewing journal when I was sewing custom window treatments. Having a source of referral would have really come in handy. Whether you sew for your own pleasure, or you have a business, consider making a sewing journal. You can get great ideas at SEW MAMA SEW .

32. Prayer Journal

Most of us probably feel that we should pray more, and having and writing in a prayer journal would be a help to that end. This is the first journal I'll be making. Directions and prayer journal ideas are found at ELIZABETHTURNAGE.

33. Gratitude Journal

Probably one of the most important journals we can make because it helps us be aware of all the blessings we already have. To make a gratitude journal, check out the ideas given at Confessions of an Overworked MOM .

34. Pregnancy Journal

Keeping a journal through all the phases of a pregnancy is a useful and timely thought. To record your thoughts during this precious time by making a pregnancy journal. Check out the ideas for this journal at a beautiful exchange.

35. Travel Journal and Scrapbook

Another travel journal, but this one also includes a scrapbook, with ideas. Find this useful site packed with ideas at aCherryontop.

36. Ways and Reasons to Keep a Family Journal

Make a Family Journal, having everyone in the family contribute with items and writing down thoughts. If you want to know why you should make a family journal, go to passionate homemakingfor 25 great ways and reasons.

37. Journals From Recycled Greeting Cards

© 2015 Loraine Brummer

Have you ever, or will you ever, make a journal book? or leave a comment.

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    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 2 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Thanks, Beaddoodler, for your comment. Since my sisters have seen this, they're asking for journals as gifts. Looks like I'll be making some journals soon, I've noticed a couple that I want to make.

    • Beaddoodler profile image

      Jennie Hennesay 2 years ago from Lubbock TX

      Very interesting and informative variety of ways to make and keep a journal.