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Julie Morgan Dodson Art

Updated on July 22, 2014

As per request by my dad. Here is some of the artwork I've done.

Johnny and June
Johnny and June

My first portrait

I was bored one day and put together a rednecktified canvas and painted an earlier version of this painting. Then my brother came over and instructed me on how to make a better one. So I did. I consider this my first portrait and the other one just practice.

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Don Denton and Ken Hewlett
Don Denton and Ken Hewlett

Donny and Ken

This was the second portrait. This is Don Denton and Ken Hewlett. I was living in Colorado and working with my Father-n-laws best friend Ken. Ken found this picture of them from back in the 70's (as if you couldn't tell) and asked me to paint it. This was Ken's gift to Donny for his birthday.

Drawing Class Week 3 Assignment 3  Nov. 18, 2011
Drawing Class Week 3 Assignment 3 Nov. 18, 2011


This is from my drawing class at the Art Institute Online Division. I never really worked too much with charcoal before. I love charcoal. It's messy and versatile. Kind of like playing in the mud. I would like to do more of these in the future. I've seen others draw draperies that are absolutely beautiful.

Drawing Class Week 3 Assignment 2 Nov, 17, 2011
Drawing Class Week 3 Assignment 2 Nov, 17, 2011

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

This was my first real experience with charcoal. It was really cool to shade around your eggs and eventually a piece of art just pops out, It was like drawing all around your subject, but never really focused too much on the subject itself and your eggs just emerge.


Partial Painting of Mona Lisa
Partial Painting of Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Smiles

I was goofing around one day and wanted to test myself to see if I could paint the Mona Lisa. I also decided to try oil paint since I hadn't used it since high school. I never really thought I could achieve the results that I wanted so I just focused on her face, I shouldv'e done the background first, but like I said I was focused on her face. Now I have this one painting I can never seem to finish. Maybe one day...

Fundamentals of Design

This was what I created in Week 1 of this class. We were to use the shapes on left and create four designs. I did these in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

A Duck in Water / Eye Explosion

These were also in Week 1 of fundamentals of design. I chose to create these in Adobe Illustrator CS5. I never worked with Illustrator before, but I figured I might as well start learning. My favorite in the one on the right.

Gestalt Theory - laws of Proximity

In Week 2 we were supposed to chose one of Gestalt Theory laws and create a black and white design. I chose Proximity, but noticed I also used the law of Similarity as well.


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  • profile image

    Johnny Morgan 6 years ago

    Great, Sis !! Can't wait to see what's next !

  • profile image

    Jill Navarre 6 years ago

    Who knew? Great work !

  • Jackie Lynnley profile image

    Jackie Lynnley 6 years ago from The Beautiful South

    Very good! I love the Johnny and June one especially. Voted up and across.

  • Jewelz1313 profile image

    Jewelz1313 6 years ago from Branson, Missouri

    Thank you

  • msshandriaball profile image

    Shandria Ball 6 years ago from Anniston