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The making of the promotion-video for the "one more time" reunion of the Dutch Rock&Roll band "Jumping Jukebox".

Updated on March 13, 2011

The reunion

Jumping Jukebox, the Rock&Roll band my husband use to play in before we moved to France was reunited "one more time". We arranged a podium in a bar in the hometown of the band, called the newspaper for a announcement and I made a digital invitation.

I took an old photo of the band and made it into a video. A great project to work on. It has been viewed well over 500 times on YouTube.


The promotional video reached a lot of people and the place was packed; the night was a big succes!

The real video is of one of the Rock&Roll songs Arno wrote himself "i gotta learn".

It´s one of the songs on the CD they made before I met the band and Arno. (Cry out 1993).

One More Time - Jumping Jukebox

I got to learn


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