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Recycling Crafts for Kids and Adults Using Milk Jugs and More!

Updated on March 21, 2011

Kids Crafts with Recycled Milk Jugs

In these economic times, it is important that we find cheap and innovative ways to express ourselves and to allow our children to do the same. On top of this, we are becoming aware of the immense importance recycling has on our environment and we know that we need to step it up a notch. The milk jug is the perfect example of turning trash to treasure -- for both your little one and yourself. Below are several kids craft ideas for recycled milk jugs; enjoy!

Start your own Windowsill Garden - An indoor garden is perfect for the young gardener. Especially for those of you who live in the cities or in a cold environment. There are few things more exciting than watching your seeds break through the soil. Watching the progress of the plant (and the root system below) is one of the most intriguing things for young and old alike. An indoor garden will give your child a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

The best part is that milk Jugs can be converted into the perfect plant pots. All it takes other than this is some seeds, soil and maybe a bit of fertilizer.

Here is what you need to do:

Take a milk jug and cut the top off (cut in a circle just below where the jug starts to narrow).

Poke some small holes in the bottom of the jug (for drainage purposes - this is not essential, but it is important for the health of your plants)

Fill with potting soil and start your garden. I recommend you either grow radishes or beans (or both, they could both fit in one jug). Radishes take as little as 4 days to sprout and only 3 weeks to harvest! Beans are possibly the most exciting vegetable to grow. They burst through the soil and their progress is rapid, they still take up to two months till harvest, but watching the vine grow so quickly is very exciting.

For more information on growing an indoor garden, check this hub out:

Indoor Garden Tips

Make your own Fish Tank - It is very healthy for a little one to have responsibility for a living creature. The easiest (and cheapest) of these is fish. Gold fish are incredibly cheap at pet stores as well as fish food. They are easy to take care of and often live an incredibly long time.

Cut the top off of your milk carton. Then fill the bottom with a couple inches of decorative rocks and an underwater plant (either decorative or live). Fill with water and put a couple of those wiggly gold fish in.

'Bringing Home the Bacon' Piggy Bank -Make saving money exciting for your child. Teach them the values of saving money while having fun and helping the environment.

This craft is mostly up to your imagination, but here are some recommended ideas:

Lay your milk jug on its side and make a cut just below the handle (this is for placing the coins and bills). The pour spout will be the nose of the pig and also easy access to the treasures inside.

Paint the outside of your pig. Make this as creative as you can.

Next cut two toilet paper rolls in half and glue them on to the jug as pig-feet.

Then glue some pipe cleaner on the back as a tail.

Mini Compost Pile – A mini compost pile can help reduce the waste that you expel. Make use of your waste – this is a perfect project to go along with your indoor garden.

There is not much crafting needed for this project. Just begin to put the right materials in the jug. The nicest part about this is that you can shake it up daily, just like a tumbling compost pile (the most efficient form of compost.

Bob Ewing's Compost Guide

I would love to post some pictures of your milk jug creations. If you happen to create any of these with your kids (or other creations), shoot me a message with a picture and I'll post them up.


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