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Knitting Pursuits 1

Updated on March 26, 2012

As I continue to try my hand at this lost hobby of mine, I finished knitting a half sleeve sweater or top if you rather call it.

It was just by chance that I chose a similar colour as the one shown in the pattern, I really did not step into the store– Michaels to pick a colour like Pink or Lavender, I spotted it, liked it and it was being cast on the next day on Size 5 US knitting needles!

I found this pattern on the website for Cascade Yarns. It is called the Venezia Worsted Springtime Top. The reason I chose this is because it looked pretty, straightforward and used only straight knitting needles and not any circular needles on which I have no practice or experience at all.


The way I understand it, circular knitting needles are very popular for seamless knitting and especially around edges like a neckband. This pattern used straight knitting needles even for the neckband and while I was doing it, I realized probably it would have been easier to manage the 145 stitches that one has to pick up if the needles were more flexible like in circular shape!

The starting instructions indicate -


Small (Medium, Large, 1X). Instructions are for smallest size, with changes for other sizes noted in parentheses as necessary.

Finished Measurements

Bust: 34 (39, 44, 48 ½)"

Total length: 22 (22 ½, 23, 23)"


Cascade Yarn's Venezia Worsted, 4 (5, 6, 7) hanks of #164

One pair each of sizes 5 and 7 knitting needles or size needed to obtain gauge

I did not use the same very wool brand but I bought 2 large balls and instructions on them confirmed that it would be enough for a small sweater and it did work for me.

How to make a Bobble

I started with the back and the bouquets or flowers pattern right at the bottom is very interesting and easy to follow as per the chart provided in the pattern instructions. From the chart I wrote down the instructions in a K1 (knit one), K2tog (knit two together), SSK (slip slip knit) style on my book instead of following the chart, that made it easy for me to follow as well as keep track on my progress and to resume from where I had last stopped.

The making of the bobbles were a first time for me and I used the following video instead of the instruction given on the Pattern. I think they could have been smaller but did not want to experiment since it was my first time with Bobbles.

Adding a second ball of yarn

The half length sleeves- yet to be stitched on
The half length sleeves- yet to be stitched on | Source
Lace Pattern with Bobbles
Lace Pattern with Bobbles | Source

Once the flower pattern is complete, it is a straightforward stockinet stitch. The armholes and shaping of the neck was interesting and easy. I learnt how to join a second ball of yarn while binding off and shaping the neck. For this I followed the following video from You Tube.

You Tube videos have helped me whenever Pattern instructions have not been able to explain appropriately or rather it is hard to explain in words and easier if you see a video demonstration. I am thankful for these saviour videos!

The knitting of the neck band was challenging at the start but it came out not too bad. I know what can be done better in the future but the results for a first attempt were satisfactory.

The half sleeves took me about half a day each and they came out neat with no fuss. I am no fast knitter.

I must admit, when I was sewing the whole thing together, the lengths and shapes per the bind off instructions in the pattern are so well defined, that it all fit in easily together. I was surprised as to how perfect and easy it was to sew in the sleeves to the main body knit parts. The shoulder seaming was a little tricky, not sure why it was not a straight shoulder seam design instead of ups and downs and curves on the shoulder.

Overall, the top came out pretty, well fitting and I was quite happy at the end result.

A recommended pattern for beginners at Knitting!

Final result
Final result | Source

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