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Kodak Slide Projector

Updated on May 25, 2010

Carousel Slide Projectors

Carousel Slide Projectors are used to display slide photos and create slideshows. The projector has a tray that holds the slides in a backward and upside down fashion. The tray rotates around the machine, dropping one photo at a time between the light and the lens. The reason it was called a carousel is because of the happy feelings you are supposed to have with your childhood. And carousels were a part of everybody's childhood, right?

The Kodak Carousel Projector was discontinued in 2004 and is no longer made. You have to seek out a used one to get your hands on it.

Childhood Memories
Childhood Memories

Fix Your Kodak Slide Projector

Fixya has a nice question and answer page where you can ask for advice on how to repair your particular model and the parts you will need.

Ask your question here. Just find your model and hit "Ask a Question"

For just some general help on DIY slide projector repair, try out these step by step instructions. For starters, make sure the projector is clean. If any dirt crawls into the projection slot, you are at risk of damaging your irreplaceable slides. Do some general cleaning and this might take care of your issues.

Mad Men Nostalgia

Take a look at this scene from the movie "Mad Men".

In this scene they talk about the wheel technology associated with the carousel slide projector. "It takes us to a place where we ache to go again."

So, How Do I Show My Slides Off?

 Before you put any slides into the tray, remove the locking ring. Then just make sure the slides are facing backwards and upside down. Now you must put the locking ring back in place.

You can get either an 80 slot tray or a 140 slot tray. The disadvantage to the larger tray is that you are more apt to have problems, like jamming with the larger model.

When making a presentation, distance is very important. While this is something you will master with experience, a helpful rule of thumb is 25 to 30 feet away. Just test the screen to see the size and adjust it to how you want it.

Always remove your slides from the tray after you are done with your presentation. You don't want any slides to be left and forgotten. Just hold down that index button and watch the tray spin around, picking up any slides that you missed.


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